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Hey everyone! We are team Sable, a group of passionate Pokémon fans who have come together with the aim of creating a fun and engaging community on Pokemmo. Our love for this amazing game has brought us together, and we want to share that excitement with fellow players. Our team is open to anyone who shares our enthusiasm for Pokémon and wants to connect with like-minded individuals. In our team, we plan to organize exclusive events, tournaments, and discussions where members can exchange tips, strategies, and even trade rare Pokémon. We believe that having a dedicated team and space on the forums will allow us to build lasting friendships and create memorable experiences in the world of Pokemmo. So if you're looking for some friendly battles, shiny hunting or just want to chat about your favorite Pokémon games, come join team Sable - we can't wait to meet you!
  1. What's new in this club
  2. We want to wish a Happy birthday to Nishpoke from all of us in Team Sable. Happy Birthday Nishpoke!
  3. So, our Team photo is a bit outdated and we would like to fix that. We would like for you to join us in our new team photo for Sable. If you have any questions. reply here or @me on Discord for details. Don't forget to SAY CHEESE!
  4. I will send out the invitation to you in about 35 minutes
  5. Application for Rank Ups How many regions have you completed? Which Pokémon is the only Pokémon that has the special ability to devolve? Name a legendary Pokémon that has the ability to control time. What color is shiny Garchomp? What generation was fairy type implemented in Pokémon? Name 5 physical attacking moves that are Dragon. Name 5 special attacking moves that are Fire. Name all 7 of Tyranitar's Weaknesses. Submit your answers to Dreadedsolja
  6. Team Sable [SABL] Who is Team Sable? We're a friendly group of Pokémon lovers, and trainers from all over, and we are looking for new friends to join our Team! We are involved in catching events and shiny hunting, along with occasional tournaments. What are the Perks? Friends (who doesn't want friends) Shiny Showcase Catching events Competitive events & Much More Team Leaders: Dreadedsolja NoClicheLanay Bigboypacky Requirements: - Active & Friendly - English Speaking when in-game chat - Minimum of two regions completed How to Join: -Comment on this thread your IGN -Message one of the leaders in game

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