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  1. Hello, i have always struggled with a good pokemon team, im looking for a team that would be good for as much gyms as possible.
  2. i doubt it will end sometime soon, there are still so many old and new players every day that find this game interesting
  3. Maybe there is a list i can see all legendarys that will be available?
  4. And what would those be? Because if i remember correctly every legendary is worthy xd
  5. But will we be able to use them in pvp? if yes that will be overused and other pokemons will just be forgotten. And if we can only use them on elite 4, then money will be unbalanced. I think that the only thing for them would be like a trophy
  6. More like for fun, to defeat elite4 and that i could defeat my friends that are trash at this game like i am
  7. You mean what moves my pokemon have? But here, everything about them
  8. Hey guys, i'm struggling with completing my pokemon team, i currently have a sceptile, feraligator, charizard and tyranitar, i would like to here from you guys what would you recommend for the last two pokemon :)
  9. hey, do you like bulbasaur?
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