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  1. I know i've said such terrible things and had a terrible chat conduct, but it was a few days ago... i was already punished for that. If i was gonna get other thing than those mutes, it has to be a few days ago, when GMs were online, not today, at 2 AM. So, this time , the question i have to do is: why i got a "1 Day Ban"? What Happened: I opened the game and logged, then a message appeared saying "The selected account is currently unable to login", when i saw the Punishment notes, it was showing "Inappropriate chat conduct" as the cause. Here's the Screenshot> http://prnt.sc/n9lzp7 I remember today i was only chating with English speaker people from 12 PM till 1 AM, but i didn't said nothing so heavy, and of course i won't shut up and accept a Staff member mistake like that. I know who did this to me and he could ask another members if i had been punished yet instead of doing such a thing without asking them just because he's a Major member and he can only be in-game at 1:45 or 2:00 Am(BRT) and can stay just for a few moments before going back to his busy life. If you(the responsible for the ban) are reading this, tell me why you did this to me. If i don't see where i was having an Inappropriate chat conduct, i demand an apologize from you. You guys are probably thinking i'm making a fuzz around such a simply thing since people has been banned for things like this and they aren't crying like that on forums, but it needs to be discussed and posted to not happen anymore with other people.
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