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  1. [thread title is based off of a typo i made in the general chat] hi there, i'm tony!! i'm a sixteen-year-old trans male. i like to write, draw, make music, play video games (including pokemon) and hyperfixate on an interest at any given time. i was introduced to PokeMMO a couple days ago by a good friend of mine!! a couple interests are pokemon, marvel, electronic/industrial music, warrior cats, spooky things, 2011 rainbow furry aesthetic, all that stuff. although i might not always know how to word something, i'm always eager to talk! the name i often use in-game is txnyy - if you watch or participate in general chat, you've probably seen me. i'm happy to be here with the community! i love supporting fan projects because it brings out the creativity of the fandom, of which i cannot further express its importance. i'll see you in the game!! 'v'
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