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  1. 价格和实际价格差的太大了,却被点了,这个会不会封号,之前有一个质子闪素材随便挂的却被点了我也懵了
  2. WTSWTT Blue Flaming Skull出镰刀女巫扫帚蓝头橙头
  3. I am very glad that you have crossed my letter in your busy schedule. I would like to comment on my opinions and opinions on pokemmo activities. In recent years, there are many levels of activities and various fashions。My proposal is to launch magic brooms and magic flying blankets during Halloween.This is a new skin of bicycle. I hope my idea will come true.
  4. Dear management, I'm glad that you've been reading my letter in your busy schedule. I would like to express my views on pokemmo. 1.Many of our players are students and workers. They have their own time to play MMO on special festivals or activities, but we can't stay at home for 5-6 hours like this year's new year's activities. It's really tiring. 2.In this year's new year's activities, we launched the competitive thing of ranking, which can greatly improve the players' competitiveness. However, the ranking is really fair and just - we don't really want to have the cooperation between players. We want to explore our own playing methods just like moving bricks to fight the king of heaven
  5. 即将开学了,可能还会有很多人会上班等等无法在继续与mmo升温,但是大家都会关心的就是万圣节活动,在Ryu管理大大那里打听的说今年有一个开发的回归,给了我们新年活动新的动力。那么我就问一下 1.万圣节还是打南瓜王嘛 2.万圣节那些饼干还有用吗 3.万圣节还会不会想此次新年活动一样加入排行榜 4.万圣节活动大概时间(希望官方微微爆料就行,马上退游)
  6. 一路飙升的物价与赚钱的难易程度成反比,我也希望官方有个正确的做法与明确的态度,游戏是用来娱乐的,但是你获取不到快乐每天累死累活的打工做精灵还不如囤时装赚钱?
  7. 这两天物价飞涨,可能是新年的时候扫描战神的出现,时装一路起飞,可是赚钱飞路子越来越少,小偷搬砖天王全部被削。(难道最后时装萌新买不起,大佬不想要没有追求了这游戏还怎么运作)我知道可能被喷实话,这游戏成了资本家的世界(天天个新一批玩家)
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