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  1. should i join? maybe if rngesus busy cursing me he would spare you
  2. I dont remember you said that yesterday Bear. And you promised me a teddi once i found shiny so, im waiting ?
  3. First shiny in 2022. First shiny since August 2021. Shiny Scyther/Pinsir hunt failed the 3rd time in a row. Over 100k single encounters since last shiny (stop counting over a month ago) RNGesus really hate me that much.
  4. I'm just here to say, it's 5 months no shiny anniversary
  5. just train it faster than drifblim, hit the one didnt use destiny bond in the previous turn, use status move (like rain dance) if all of them use destiny bond successfully in previous move. easy.
  6. and this is the evidence suggesting that your encounter counter decreases my shiny odds. (I also have 30k on Fixedgaming's counter before I use yours btw) Give me my rng back ?
  7. This is not me. This is a guy in my team. You know the rest.
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