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  1. 2021-11-20第17箱 今日名言: 立志不坚,终无济事 ——朱熹
  2. The production team is so lazy. Lol I'm going to laugh so hard.
  3. Why do characters use pedals to ride motorcycles?Your feet are supposed to be stationary when you're riding a motorcycle
  4. You don't understand economics. I don't want to explain it to you Thank you for your support
  5. No, you don't understand my central argument, these goods is indeed rare, but when he too rare will affect the market economy, some players will be malicious use of this rare rules to hype the prices of these items, these items are now far more than the value of itself, and be easily used to profit, this is very adverse to the market economy,One as the official not to allow this to happen, the official should take certain measures to manage the economy, will be helpful for the long-term development of the game, but very pity I didn't see about it in the official measure of regulation and release, I for official) of the ever-expanding instead of allowing this to hype behavior to weaken the profit mode of ordinary players, such as a copy of the pop,This is a very irresponsible and selfish thing to do.I'm not happy with your statement that new players get 5*31 Pokemon over a few days. What's wrong with new players?Don't new players have human rights?Why is it that veteran players can buy a lot of Pokemon in one day while newcomers struggle for days to get one?I think it's important to treat old and new players fairly, to reduce the revenue of old players, and to make them at the same level.Haven't Pokemon officials realized that his mistake has led to a massive loss of players?That's a joke.
  6. The limited-time purchase is designed to limit the price of the PvP mystery box and prevent it from becoming the next expensive limited-time item. That's not a good reason As the value in the PvP Mystery Box increases, it is worth the player's time These ways of making money are not nearly enough to cover the current fashion prices, and when you think about it from the perspective of a very wealthy gamer, the injustice has already started The current way to make money is not enough to support new players to invest in, the way to make money now per hour can earn profit is very low, the new players want to buy limited-time fashion need to be very long, does not need to work on the old players is be with limited-time fashion profit, do you think the investment is only relying on the rules of the game simple value-added, this effort with new players worth mentioning, you just play early, you have nothing to be proud of, nothing worth to retain
  7. I hope you will also think about the meaning behind some of the suggestions. Just because a suggestion is written here does not mean it is set in stone. The lower the probability that a rare fashion item will come out of the PvP mystery box, the higher its value will be
  8. Why can't pre-2018 fashions be added to the PvP box?, no method does not mean no, do you think you is at the counter for no reason, may be is the kind you collected a lot of time fashion players, really funny, because you only play can have profit with limited-time fashion, that pay a lot of time for the game of new players and you compared these old players have what disadvantage, they more than you love the game, you is just for business transactions, you are not really love the game, when it comes to you for your interest will say so
  9. I'm talking about fashion items like Blue Flame Skull Mask, Scythe, Kyu Hat, Desu Labcoat, Jack of Lanturn, Knight Helmet
  10. Hello, Pokemmo Administrator I am a love pokemmo players, game atmosphere is very bad recently, a copy of the pop is weakened, most of the players earn very limited game currency, most profitable way to invest time and income is out, cause a lot of love pokemmo players have come out of the game, I think the official original intention should not be so, while market prices rise, the official by limiting gold output to control the market, but now the result is that most players don't have the money to earn, fashion price growing, causing the two extremes, rich players more and more rich,Do not have the money and the new players a 5 * 31 individual value treasure can dream is very difficult, a lot of people agreed to peg down the price of fashion, some people would say to limited-time fashion to sell, but I think this is another kind of extreme way, personally, I would like to put forward some pertinent advice, both neither can lose their selling fashion will not damage the interests of the interests of the ordinary players, can even promote the development of the PVP play are as follows: 1. Put all the time-limited fashions into the PVP mystery box, and the probability of pulling out rare fashions can be set according to the rarity of the box; 2.PVP Mystery Box can only be purchased through BP 3. PvP mystery box is not tradable (to prevent some people malicious increase the market price of PvP box) 4. Lower the threshold of PvP Mystery Boxes, get different number of PvP Mystery Boxes according to different PvP wins, such as: 50 victory points a box, 500 victory points 10 boxes, 5000 victory points 100 boxes, etc 5. Increase the number of game replicas, enrich the ways for players to make money, increase the income of new players, guarantee the income of middle players, and limit the income of advanced players To sum up, increasing the availability of time-limited fashion can effectively limit the rising price of time-limited fashion and promote the development of PvP environment.Personally, I think the old players is the need to protect the game object, but it does not require excessive protection, (most of the old players participated because activities have a lot of time fashion items, etc., through the high limit props limited-time fashion goods don't need too much efforts can get a lot of games gold) new players is also the key protection object of the game, (some new players to spend a lot of time to make the game COINS but only tiny amounts of income, before this new players can only get games gold, by beat Jackson NPC has been greatly limits) to the long-term development of the game without rules of fairness,We want the managers to listen to the players, we want the game to get better and better, and we want the managers to intervene in the market with caution
  11. 2021/3/7 第11箱开始 今日名言: 泰山不让土壤,故能成其大;河海不择细流,故能就其深。——李斯 第12箱 第13箱
  12. 2021/3/4 第10箱开始 今日名言: 一个人做事,在动手之前,当然要详慎考虑;但是计划或方针已定之后,就要认定目标前进,不可再有迟疑不决的态度,这就是坚毅的态度 ——邹韬奋
  13. 2021/3/4 第8箱开始 今日名言: 一日一钱,十日十钱。绳锯木断,水滴石穿 ——班固 第9箱开始
  14. 2021/2/28 第4箱开始 今日名言: 最可怕的敌人,就是没有坚强的信念。——罗曼·罗兰 2021/2/28 第5箱开始 2021/2/28 第6箱开始 2021/2/28 第7箱开始
  15. 2021/2/27 第2箱开始 今日名言: 坚持意志伟大的事业需要始终不渝的精神。——伏尔泰 2021/2/27 第3箱开始
  16. 2021/2/26 第1箱开始 今日名言: 没有伟大的意志力,就不可能有雄才大略。——巴尔扎克
  17. 标题:卡姿兰大眼睛 描述:“爱上我的大眼睛,卡姿兰大眼睛四色眼彩,不晕染,更持久,色泽浓郁闪亮,好眼影就是这种效果,卡姿兰大眼睛四色眼彩,时尚就是卡姿兰。” 设计人员:Coeu-Coeu-卡姿兰大眼睛(Carslan eye)
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