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  1. There's no move called Frostbite, frostbite and freeze are a status conditions
  2. Hi everyone , why do i think we need to change Freeze to frostbite ? well its just because freeze sucks , non-limited turns + you literally cant do anything when you get frozen + and its based on much rng , switching it into frostbite if possible will make the Game play more strat based than RNG based . Have a great day 🙂
  3. New balls , acsess to more hunt spots , new region to take pics in , gyms and e4 runs , and a train !!!
  4. I know i was just joking haha, it's really good and sure Linux users will use it, just trying to give some attention to the pain of phone users ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. You can order for a signature or an userbar in Many shops here in the forums Example : Requi's shop
  6. Guys we already have Many encounter counters for Windows, make a one for phone ...
  7. They will added this within the next update i assume
  8. yea i sold my first shiny ever for 100k in trade chat F
  9. Name: Branaso Team [LGÑD]/Team LËGEND Order: Animated Sig + Userbar Colour Scheme : a colour that will fit a shiny spiritomb Additional info : I would love to includeShiny spiritomb in the Sig , that's all :3 I will pay when you tell me to do
  10. What about something like Secret base ( for the player ) / team base ( that the boss creates for his team ) ? x)
  11. I sniped many good things And i don't want to see this in game, but thanks 👍
  12. Creating new cosmetics and The battle system against the boss , testing , the Decoration of the regions, testing, the Swarm spawns options and the mini bosses spawns options, testing. In my opinion 😅
  13. 1st Place - DomGat 2nd Place - VvKu 3rd Place - morgziie ❕ 4th Place - NeonNuggets ❕ Thanks to everyone for joining the awesome event Cya All in the next one !!!
  14. Nah everyone is making mistakes , at least you didn't sold a shiny typhlosion for 1m accidentally or a shiny riolu for 1.4 accidentally 👀. Taking a break always helps out, and Don't jate yourself 😛
  15. dude , was it really you who listed a winged helmet in the christmas event ??? i missed it soo badly xD I also sold a santa present for 15k hehehehe
  16. i know many people making youtube content abiut this game and i honestly dont think its a reason for ban
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