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  1. COMPLETED Thank you all for Participating we had 7 submissions this evening! 1st Place: ZaCCCCC with a 154 Horsea 2nd Place: EuphyWoophy with a 153 Horsea 3rd Place: RebenRabu with a 150 Magikarp Enjoy your prizes and hope you make some money on the GTL! Stay Tuned, Keep your Rod ready and hand steady for the next one! TheFishingBoiiis
  2. Hey All! New Poster, and somewhat new player! I Have a team and we're looking for traction and some good times! We're The FIshingBoiiis! We're holding our first Unofficial Forum Fishing Tourney! We're a few friends who enjoy fishing, water pokemons and good times with good people! GET YUR DRINKS GET YUR RODS AND GET READY FOR A GOOD TIME Rules: Starting at 10pm MAY 20th GMT on CHNL 1 SEAFOAM ISLANDS the best IV POKEMON Caught within the HOUR time limit will receive 10k + a 133IV Squirtle 2nd and Third prizes are TBD Day of! Mons can be caught either through surf, or any rod as long youre within the seafoam islands Kanto! Send me a whisper EazyOG, JJFRHM or Guailoh for more unofficial details. Cheers and Heres to some good Fishing!
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