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  1. nodak forever #1 sorry katie ;) kazooka #2


  3. We had a good run Pokemmo. I have to part ways with the game to focus on my life now.

    1. Newdisplayname


      gl buddy, hope you will do well and try come and visit us sometime :c

    2. Oldinstagram
  4. Take me off the bracket. I wont have time to rebreed shit for it since I lost all my eggs for it.
  5. awesome thank you! also it's fine the way it is, i love it! do you want any tms or uts or something for the time it took? just pm if you need anything, thanks again!
  6. Emlee I won't be able to make mono, I have to work tomorrow now. Good luck to everybody though. I'll be waiting for the next one for sure!
  7. emlee can you draw me a heracross? :o in return i will vote you for the best staff when and if they ever ask again plus is that a veira(FF) in your sig and pic..if so you just got 10x times cooler. it is. you're officially 10x times cooler.
  8. Also I'm closing this because it's more time consuming and I fall behind on eggs now. I'll still take requests via PM's.
  9. edit: I just redid one. I can't remember all the shit I did before :P
  10. [quote name="Zain" post="527619" timestamp="1380478068"] Hey bro , awesome signatures , keep it coming , btw don't forget to edit mine too ^^[/quote] i didn't forget, [img]http://i.imgur.com/YCv5XYp.gif[/img] the PSD file is, you should be able to edit all now if you want to change anything, [url="http://www.mediafire.com/download/lzmz6snszg8qmim/zainsig.psd"]http://www.mediafire.com/download/lzmz6snszg8qmim/zainsig.psd[/url] [quote name="GymLeaderGreen" post="527636" timestamp="1380479365"] I goofed it RVTN not RVNT....[/quote] ..lmao oh shit. my psd file didn't save, ill have to redo it. WELLL..any changes before I start? haha.
  11. Okay so I couldn't find that same render so I had to mix it up myself, sorry about that :/ And Lillyfly, I luckily still had your PSD file so I edited it a bit for you,
  12. all my likes are gone or else id like this. i think i fixed mine now so its a little more whiteish. guess it depends on the brush.
  13. for a first animated sig and a second sig ever i think its pretty good. what did you use to make it? also i hope no one is prone to seizures here, 'dem flashing colors. [spoiler] jk [/spoiler]
  14. lol i dont understand it but 9/10 for uh..originality also opinons on my new one? :P
  15. Oh my bad, I just googled the name and got some dude multiple times... and my bad x2 for the LYRA. I'll have to add it later since I'm going for a bit.
  16. [quote name="PeyPey" post="526474" timestamp="1380396704"] Yupp ARMY MysticManiac[/quote] [img]http://i.imgur.com/FmY9fHQ.gif[/img] [quote name="shervinz" post="526482" timestamp="1380397193"] If you haven't trashed the PSD file for mine,could you edit to shiny text please?[/quote] i think i trashed almost all of them :/ do you want a remake?
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