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  1. hey i just met you, and this-- let me stop there. welcome
  2. Perhaps there should be a place of recorded tournaments and within that place is a hallway displaying statues (or trophy's) of the victors. Bring a little history to land of pokemmo eh? Perhaps a breakdown of how the making of the game started and within it is the credits of the people of brought forward the game to the players.
  3. Goodluck with in-game chat trololol. but yeah anyways nice to have you on the squad ;D
  4. Watch out for that lax guy, his party is filled with....killers..

  6. I thought after you beat the elite 4, then like do some island crap and finish off team rocket the elite four come back but 5times harder.
  7. Wartortle & Geodude Slowbro & Magnemite
  8. Hey everyone just checking in, new to the forms, new to pokemmo. Loving every second of it (: Hope to see you all in Pallet!
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