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  1. Jirachi actually has a different sprite from that. Updated. I prefer the other Sinnoh Fossil's moemon sprite.
  2. Emolga fixed, Unova Fossils added, and various other Pokemon have been replaced with moemon.
  3. The survey links were somehow stripped out of the first post. I've reposted the Victory Survey.
  4. New version! Joltik was somehow lost in the pipeline last two versions. Moe Spider added. Vullaby and her evolution is now a moemon, greatly improving the Unova Experience. This may be the last update before Gen 4 becomes the focus for POKEmmo, so I'm only explaining Unova changes for now. For a brief time, the POKEmmo mod for moemon will be the most up-to-date moemon game.
  5. The user known here as Garchomp is going crazy making new sets. Not canon but:
  6. MoeMMO A Moemon mod for Pokemmo ---->Link to Mod<---- (Browser might think .mod file is broken video) Moemon Project Discord Community(need to agree to the rules) Moemmo discussion belong on #other-moemon PokeMMO has hosted Mega Moemon for quite a while. however, there's never been an consistently updating mod. The community has decided to do these updates ourselves. Now that we learned how to do this, this will be updated every three months at the very least. We'll also update if we add enough stuff for moemon that's in the first 5 generations. Most of the original struct of this mod was done by CyanMarine. That version had quite a few pokemon sprites unreplaced. Seven of those are now proper moemon, including purrloin. If you were looking for the thread for moemon hacks for emulation, click here
  7. Moemon CrystalDust (CrystalDust is in development) Moemon Johto for GBA? CrystalDust Discord: https://discord.gg/gC6mEQB
  8. Scorbunny was supposed to be in 2.0 because of issue with new moves(We can't accurately add Pryoball). In the past, I've overlook technically fidelity since I don't have much battle knowledge. Too much stuff in Gen 8 add new mechanics, big and small. We still have a lot of different projects going on. We're better off without that monstergirl thing that was Heart of Gold since we have a proper Heartgold moemon hack. Even the creator of Moemon Bonds is still around. MFR 2.0 is still awhile off.
  9. We now have simple versions of Moemon Emerald and Firered in the same link as the post above.
  10. A week ago, we found that the Heart of Gold creator was putting in NSFW sprites. It should have been removed then, but in hindsight, there was no way they didn't know what they were doing. The saves need their filename matching the GBA file.
  11. We Have a new Discord I regret to inform you that the Development Team has been banned from the Moemon Development Discord server, along with our most dedicated moderator. We were removed from our roles without warning, and then later banned. The lead hacker and I have had to move to this new server I own: https://discord.gg/fHPHSVNaqQ Our fourth and last mod was behind this, although what she hoped to accomplished seems unclear. She says she did this on behalf of "the community" although nothing leading up to this happened in the server. Many of the known people involved were literally inactive and not a part of the server. The server owner has cut off communications with me two years ago but was in constant contact with the fourth mod and no other mods.
  12. New update soon. Weights are broken because I forgot to tell the new guy. It matters because of like 3 moves. I don't know really. I'm dismal at actual battle knowledge. 1.3d will probably be available tomorrow.
  13. Apparently we got over 600 species now. It's hard to believe. There have also been many modifications in the engine so much it ruins the Catch Count on existing saves. Blame Italy.
  14. New Update! Ridiculous number of of new moemon Also a bug fix not done by me. WOW
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