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  1. You sure called this IPS file out on not being the best MOD file. Go somewhere were your 200 IQ can earn you upvotes.
  2. New Years surprise. Despite giraffes being The Dragon of Even-Toed Ungulates they went with Shiny Milotic for the Year of the Dragon event moemon. Enjoy your fish y'all.
  3. Telestial Gaming is having fun into the midgame. The CUTEST Romhack Ever! ~ Let's Play Moemon Mega Fire Red!!! Episode 4
  4. https://twitter.com/MoemonOfficial/status/1733935750083653739
  5. There's a lot going on with Mega's data so it's not recommended to customize. Unless you have experience, you have to do it with a minimally modified meomon rom.
  6. There's a new channel on discord just for updates Not available, but the creator wants to share that some stuff with EVs called EV training that is going to be part of the game. This is our Heonn Project right now.
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