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  1. They nerfed every means to farm money so I don't think they care at all about this in particular...
  2. Paras is a good and easy one to get and you can use Breloom or Parasects to catch so you dont get hit by paralyze/poison. You can get them on 1st stairs on Mt Moon.
  3. Just talk to your mom and she will send you back to Kanto.
  4. I wanna know if theres any place that is better than Berry Forest to payday farm since it gets kinda boring being always in that same place. Thanks in advance ^^
  5. Try to move the hotbar with your bag open.
  6. I dont think they would do that because theres a lot of people that got banned for similar reasons and havent seen they complaining about that before
  7. I dont know the time but normally when they announce a PTS literally ANYONE can join in when they release the download link.
  8. These kinds of events are free for everyone to join and the more the merrier right? xD
  9. Just curious but when you found it was the Shiny Zorua disguised as a non shiny poke and appeared shiny when you hit it?
  10. Then we have to false swipe the disguised zoruas and it has a chance of it being a shiny?
  11. You need a Black or a White rom to play in the new region so you only need one or the other
  12. The servers went off 1 hr 22 minutes ago
  13. You will have all your items from when you played on the other regions
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