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  1. What about othe things? Always last hit being citical. Only catching an eecuto in safai. Seeing only 4 pokemons in alteing cave and 1 is zubat. Being paalysed 4 tuns in a ow. Ignoing paalyse fo 14 tuns in a ow. Is thee secet codes in game? O ae computes alive?
  2. Abuse? This game is abuse; do you think players not cheating; this game is a bug. You just decrease eperiance and money gain in PvP; dont decrease it with %100, that makes 0. At lv 50 OTK is easier; bcause of pokemon uses illogical formulas; at early levels OTK is easier. And if you dont have EV train; you will lose all PvP. If you worry about noobs than make it only 1 pokemon, so noobs can rush a pokemon for PvP. By the way you can change levels to up for 100 but than you will say techniques will be locked but mostly at 50 you have all techs. That unbreedable pokemons are just WASTE because you cant breed or trade them. If you cant code it just say it. All coders suck. Its all computers fault. You can OTK in PVP tournaments so there is a problem. Also everybody knows i am right. Most importantly there is a difference between Metagross and Lapras. So you cant pvp with a Kingler; you need a Dragonite
  3. Pokemons with ribbons cant be sold or combined. They also all same. Look guys IV has no meaning. At level 100 IV only makes 31 difference. Most important thing is EV training for PvP. If you have 333 speed 333 SPatk with a Gengar or Scissors; you just OTK all. Ice sucks. Ice water (Lapras) weak against everything but grass, fly. Steel, dragon OP. So why we cant trade or breed ribbons. Why breeding system is so easy. Why PvP not giving money Eperiance. What will i do with my ribbon pokemons? Its just 15 IV; is that so important? Why pvp level is 50? I swear i will train all OTK pokemons and will destroy this game. I will also sell this pokemons for causing more chaos. This game sucks guys; you good at coding but you making horible games.
  4. Illuminati deleting my all accounts they are evil and they will always lie
  5. They talking too much and who cares about them, they are suck and stupid i hate people who wasting my time with chit chat
  6. I am 25 years old can speak 2 languages and has 132 IQ, i just dont know why do i have to read; they speak too much and mostly chit chat
  7. If you dont read everything, Bcause of you dont have a quest log you cant know what you have to do.
  8. As you had to read, i did it but other people may quit
  9. All dark and ghost moves showing bite sprite. Dont you think too many moves using same sprites?
  10. Hey, game devolopers; you know a game must be playable by everyone. And it is a turn based game. So read this carefuly: I didnt take map. I got lost. I gone to Rock Tunnel without flash. I decided to go back and take flash bcause i will take it one day. With flash i was only able to see 3 blocks futher maybe bcause of low happiness or using with other players pokemon. I watched video which is showing full illumination and i collected all items. I gone to Pokemon Tower than Morawak said "be gone intruders" than i go back from Rock Tunnel, took map, watched some videos, than passed Rock Tunnel again and go to other city with gameCorner by a really hard to find tunnel. Than took Sliph Scope, than go pokemon tower, than take flute, than runaway to Poison GM; bought a pokemon and beat the GM. Game is too confusing for children and morons. We must not be able to leave Pallet without taking map. NPCs blocking the way must tell us where do we have to go and how. NPCs that blocking roads may help to us and tell what we have to do.
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