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  1. Team name: Ahrreeee op Capitain:Gabuchox Players:Mansterix,zMauri,Gabuchox,XxbardockxX,JereSteve,Nicollaassiitto,spearsama,chjul,Ernestocast,Yonkozeref Subs:NimbusRecanto,Andreime,Ontarodt Cheerleaders:Akusei,Brainlouise,Braianlox,
  2. IGN: Mansterix Country: Venezuela Preferred tiers: Nu Personal note: MaduroCoñoetumadre Discord: Mansterix #0632
  3. Venezuela A vs Peru A Nu: Mansterix vs AnGeLOrGuLloSo 10 Min
  4. Team Name:Yoloo Team Tag: Registered Players:Gabitofeito,Bund,Mansterix,Mercenariex,Luisito,Guillex,josuefeng,davidakd,CristhianArce,Souu Team Captain:Souu Substitute:Wiriketchup, awaLLz
  5. IGN: Mansterix Country: Venezuela Tiers: OU/NU
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