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  1. Hello everyone, I hope you all be fine ♥ I allow myself to launch this kind of chat because of something I wanted to suggest but I prefered to hear opinions before. (I precise I'm french and I try to speak english as I can :'( ) Pokemmo is the best pokemon game we ever had, this is undeniable. I dreamed about it since 2000 to 2012 (day where I discovered this little wonder. My only little regret is that we have not the possibility to confront and catch the legendaries: Mewtwo or Artikodin for exemple. I understand that we don't want to see every players with every legendaries but Ii remembered something. In the originals pokemon games, the legendaries are catchable but hardly in one try. We all need to save before then try one time, fail, restart again and again, until we get to catch the legandary one. But in Pokemmo, we don't have to save because of the mmo-principle (auto-save). My idea was the next one: What if the legendaries were in their original place, fightable & catchable. Only the lucky ones will succeed to catch them in one attempt. And a kind of balance must stay in place. What do you think about it? I understand that legendaries seem to be a "noob" thing, that only the beginners dreamed about it, but the collector I am couldn't hide the frustration of contemplate my pokedex and note the little absents. I hope this discussion was never discussed & you will enjoy speaking about it. Have fun =) .
  2. Thanks you all ! Skitty is an aesome pokemon too ♥ Piloswine too ♥ Squirtle - Could it be... Charmender? *hide himself into a box* Merci à toi TBE, cool de voir que je ne suis pas le seul frenchy in the place =)
  3. Opening 1 - Pokémon Theme , for my part ! They did a cover of this one for the last Pokemon-movie which deserve to be heard ♫
  4. I miss Bleach so much !! One of my favorite anime I had the chance to watch. So sad they didn't go till the end of the mangas >.<
  5. Alvin73


    How could the dark side be first in the sondage?! I'm here to bring the balance of the force 8)
  6. Welcome ! Nice to meet you =)
  7. Welcome back ! Nice to meet you =)
  8. Welcome to Pokemmo ! I'm sure you'll enjoy it =)
  9. Welcome back ! Nice to meet you =)
  10. Welcome ! Nice to meet you =)
  11. Welcome ! Nice to meet you =)
  12. Yes it is ! Best pokemon-game ever ! ♥
  13. Nice to meet you. I like your Squirtle-pictures =)
  14. Welcome ! Nice to meet you =)
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