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Found 5 results

  1. For example this is my Ekans Mind = Blown
  2. I got kicked from the tournament queue of the UU tourney, wanted to change team before hand but it kicked me out of the queue, went from 10th to 65th, please reverse it so you dont have to wait for 30 mins with your team ready.
  3. C'mon, It's so annoying to breed it at random since you lose the parents.. Make possible chose btw Male and Female
  4. Welcome Grunts, I see you have found our Headquarters. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- General information: This team is made for people who are attempting the Team Rocket Challenge, for those who don't know the Rocket Challenge, these are the basic outlines. *Note: as a team we have altered the challenge, therefore it may be different from the original. - Link:http://www.pokecommu...d.php?t=284386. 1. Dependent on your Class, You are limited in the types of Pokemon you can use, Grunt: Poison, Bug, Dark, Ghost, Ground, and certain Normal-types. (Rattata, Meowth, Tauros, Slakoth, Lickitung and Kangaskhan) Scientist: Poison, Electric, Steel, Ghost, All Normal Types and certain Psychic Types (Drowzee and Slowpoke) *Note: As of 11/08/2013, existing members are allowed to change their class once (if they have not yet completed the challenge, Classes do not matter after completion) New applicants Must choose their class and stick with it.* 2. You are allowed your starter, but only one of that Starter. 3. Game corner Starters are limited to 1, Meaning you are allowed 1 of the 2 other available Pokemon. I.E You chose Bulbasaur, you can choose 1 Squirtle or 1 Charmander, you cannot own all 3. 4. You're allowed ANY of the available Fossil Pokemon. 5. Pokemon given to you (I.E Eevee) are counted as "Stolen". 6. Pokemon caught in the Safari Zone are counted as "Poached". Safari Zone Pokemon are only allowed from the Safari Zone. I.E. Chansey from Cerulean Cave are not allowed, whereas Safari Zone Chansey are. 6.5. *OPTIONAL* Stolen/Poached Pokemon that faint are counted as "Liberated" and you should release them at the closest PC. 7. All Pokemon obtained under these rules who CAN evolve are allowed too, Including if they Evolve into disallowed Types, I.E Eevee is allowed to evolve into any of it's available Types. 8. Trading is allowed with Players who are also still in the progress of completing the Challenge. In-Game trades are allowed. (I.E. Onix for Bellsprout) As long as the Pokemon you trade (Onix in this case) follow the Type Rules. 9. As there are not any Legendary Pokemon, your Challenge is complete when you successfully Defeat the Elite Four and The League Champion. You will still be asked to act as a Grunt however, there are just no restriction on the Pokemon you use after this. The Rocket Challenge focuses on being a member of Team Rocket, so you will live like a Grunt. Which means you'll have to do a bit of Role-play. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Requirements to join: 1. You must follow these rules unconditionally. 2. You must have Grunt/Scientist in your name, or anything Team Rocket Related. 3. You must be willing to interact with your fellow grunts. 4. Eventually you must get a Rocket uniform. (Hat NOT required. Black Caps from the Celadon Dept. Store are allowed.) 4.5. If you chose the Scientist class, You can wear a White/Black Lab-coat instead. Otherwise you must follow rule #4 as well. 5. Rank-ups will not be given away, you will have to earn points through In-House Events and Missions. (More information on this later.) 6. No one is a god in the team. 7. Respect the leader and admins. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rank-up Information: To rank up you must do Missions, Missions will be given out in the TeamChat. 25 points are needed to "Rank-up" Current Ranks (high to low): Boss. Right Hand. Officer Comrade. Grunt/Scientist. *Ranks are not a change in class* There is only 1 Boss in the Team, the Boss can not be surpassed by points. (Is exempt from the Point system. Bosses are decided by a match between the Current Boss and the Challenger. The Challenger Must have been a Member for at least a week and be a Comrade.) Current boss: GruntTyru (me:Tsukiora) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updates/ News: Bracket In-house Tournament on the 17th of August, Channel 2 In Pewter City. at 20:00 Amsterdam time (google a clock) 3v3/4v4 In These Brackets: Lvl 30 Lvl 40 Lvl 50 Lvl 60+ The first place will be rewarded with 3 points. Also every contestant has the option to battle the leader for a bonus point if they can defeat him. *Note*The "Surpass the Boss" rule is not in effect here. Welcome our new member GruntChelsea say hi to her if you see her! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to Join RocketGrunt: Send a Whisper To IGN: GruntTyru when In-game, Or Talk to one of the other members Listed below. Current Joined Grunts: GruntTyru: Boss GruntVegetax Grunt GruntUmi Grunt GruntRocker Grunt GruntKat Grunt GruntTJDino Scientist GruntZaelus Grunt GruntStickly Grunt GruntTrulu Grunt GruntChelsea Grunt GruntSyaz Grunt GruntCharChu Scientist -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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