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Ev training bracelets questions

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-Do they work if i use exp sharing and the pokemon who kills has the bracelet



-or do i have to put in the pokemon that i want to level up evs in with the bracelet first and then use the other one to kill the hordes


i know its probably a dumb question but im new at breeding here 

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The EV training braces don't work here rather they're use for breeding in this game. Breeding is completely different here.


Check this guide out


You can rather use hordes to EV train in this way you can get 10EVs per horde (of5) and yes exp share gives EVs to all pokemon holding it, *It doesn't get shared all pokemon with a exp share gain 10EVs each if you use the hordes.


Here's a guide for hordes : (call them by using the move sweet scent outside of battle) 



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Few items can be utilised for EV training are Exp.Share, Amnesia brace and Macho brace


Exp share- all pokemons with exp share in your party will gain EV and exp until they are maxed, regardless in battle or not


Amnesia brace- pokemon with Amnesia brace must be in battle and gain EV only


Macho brace- pokemon with macho brace must be in battle, gain double EV and exp, but speed is cut havled


I personally don't like Macho brace

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3 hours ago, RealMak said:

Cmon, it gives DOUBLE the amount of Evs but you need a 2nd pokemon to kill the hordes, what's wrong with that?

You can use any of above,as long as you like

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