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  1. The dex entries for the Rotom forms don't exist
  2. Weezing has potential to make Slaking a threat in Doubles. By neutralising Truant, I can imagine the massacre that this mon will cause
  3. We will get Johto soon. Just wait
  4. Well, uhh unfortunately, you don't get any Dark types in the near routes of Hearthome, but since you use Dark, I assume that your team consists of a Murkrow/Honchcrow and a Stunky/Skuntank. However, in Hearthome city, there is a NPC that gives you an Eevee, which can be evolved into an Umbreon, if you want a defensive Dark type. Edit: the next Dark types can be found in Route 214 (Houndour) and MT Coronet (Sneasel), while in the Great Marsh, you can get a Skorupi and evolve it into a Drapion
  5. If you are in an incompleted region with a non-high level cap, then no. They would most likely disobey you and faint instantly
  6. Appearantly they are specimens of pokemon that have larger appearance (just like in Legends Arceus) in the Overworld and in addition, they have their Hidden Ability. Currently, only the Kanto starters can be Alpha
  7. Welcome to the Forum community!
  8. A small note: The Battles can be either Singles, Doubles or Triples (which the later one was just introduced in the game) and all the leaders are guaranteed to have 4 Pokemon in their party
  9. The Gym Leaders and E4 will appear anywhere, just make sure you get there as fast as possible to well, they won't stay very long
  10. Wait a minute, they are adding Alphas in PokeMMO? I know that these were large variants in PLA, but how would we implement them in the game? Sorry for asking but I have been offline for around a year and I barely know any changes in the community
  11. You are right, buddy. I guess all we have to do is wait
  12. Yep, even for me, I cannot join the server. Welp, I guess I will go shiny hunt on my Switch yet again
  13. Well at least the starters are getting something. You know what that means? Leaf Storm Contrary But yea, Zen Mode Unovan Darmanitan sucks.
  14. Reactive Gas (or Neutralising Gas, for everyone who has played Gen 8, including me) might be a solid pick for Doubles. Just imagine Weezing team up with Archeops or Slaking, just like how it effected Regigigas in SwSh
  15. Yea, Megas are overpowered. Especially if we consider the fact that they improve some already viable competitive Pokemon such as Tyranitar, Salamence, Aerodactyl, as well as heavily improving unviable pokemon such as Kangaskhan, Mawile and Sableye, to the point where they are considered great threats in the Meta. (With other words, these pokemon become stupidly broken) Not to mention, they are as powerful as legendaries, with equal base stats and some of them bypass the 600 total base stat total (most notably the Pseudos)
  16. Well, It's finally happening. Hidden Abilities are here! As well as some additional abilities (such as Competitive,an ability introduced in Gen 6 and Neutralising Gas for Weezing) Now the question remains, what pokemon will be heavily effected by their hidden Ability and which ones will rise in the Meta. My personal take is that one of them is going to be Serperior with Contrary. We are most likely going to witness a lot of these spamming Leaf Storm
  17. Hold on. There is a new event? AND HIDDEN ABILITIES?
  18. I am pretty sure that you can. But as Kymeri mentioned, you can give it the TM for Flare Blitz
  19. Which bosses? The Champions? Giratina? Which one?
  20. Absolutely not in this game
  21. Some people say Johto, some other say Dungeons and Hidden Abilities, but deep down we know, we are getting Jumpeon
  22. Well, uhh...Legendaries are unobtainable in PokeMMO, buddy. The only ones that can be found are Mewtwo, Rayquaza, Arceus and Keldeo (despite of the later two being Mythicals) and be caught termporarily for a short "King of the Hill" event, which means that the winner gets to keep the pokemon until a new opponent arrives. Giratina is a boss fight in the Distortion world that of course, you cannot catch and Zekrom is a temporary ally for your team, it leaves the party after you successfully beat N and Ghetsis (It stays in everyone's house, as a possible Step-father to us who also pays the electrical bills)
  23. RealMak


    Hello there. I am RealMak, better known as EmperorAxo in other communities. Pokemon is my top favourite franchise, ever since the SM era. I am a membr of the PokeMMO community for around 2 years (?) and I welcome you. I was also the leader of the now disbanded team- RisingChaos, as well as a Darktype gym leader, specialising in dark typess
  24. Nice to meet you, King. My other alias is EmperorAxo, so you could say that, we are both elegant
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