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  1. Haha wow, I can't believe those went unnoticed for two whole years. 😅
  2. Thank you for clearing that up. I wonder how that bug works!
  3. If you do more rematches, please confirm whether or not Articuno still comes up.
  4. Thanks all! That's weird, so there's two of them?
  5. I never thought I'd see the day! Thanks a lot. 🙂
  6. Feel free to contribute if you have more information. :­)
  7. That makes sense, but I wonder where the game gets the assets for Black City if you import Pokémon White. Maybe both games contain the assets for both locations?
  8. It's a really cool theory, but the train to run in the future is actually in Black & White too. It only appears on 5 days of the year, and June 12 is one of them.
  9. 4 years later he's still just sitting there... edit: wow he started monologuing as if I haven't already beaten the story
  10. What does it mean for a Pokémon to be Alpha? Is it just a cosmetic red glow?
  11. Thank you both! I've also added your names in the credits.
  12. Awesome! Thank you. Let me know if you find out more. ?
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