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[MOD] Generation 5 Follower Sprites v2.1b (updated for 2023)

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Wow! What a wonderful mod! I'm waiting for sparkling Shiny!

Are there other uncatchable pokemon sprites like mew, groudon, or etc...? 

I'm trying to make a pokemmo Pokedex site with walking motions. And I'd like to add every pokemon data even they don't exist in pokemmo.

Can I get more sprites... ?

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Just now, xExotic said:

He's updated some of the gen 5 pokes 

What pokes? Only the ones in the pictures? I tested a few unova sprites on the sparkly version and this one and noticed 0 differences (aside from sparkles on shiny mons), but it could have been just not the right 10 pokemon or whatever. Would be nice if they gave a list of what was different or something, from the pics it's very hard to tell. Maybe some side-by-side pictures of how they were updated because there's like 5 different follower sprite mods. My personal favorite is to use the sparkly one + a normal one combined, so they sparkle but don't bounce. Might be able to do that with this mod to get the "updated" ones + sparkly. You need to put the sparkly mod bottom/second if you want that effect.

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On 9/14/2019 at 7:02 PM, Apemon7 said:

If you are able to tell that the ones in the pictures are different, then that is enough to discern that this is a different mod

I couldn't tell from the pictures, hence why I was asking. That's also why I linked a sparkly version. Thought it was exactly the same mod that's already been made 5x and was trying to save someone a lot of time.  Guess that's part of the problem and also why I suggested putting comparisons and/or a list of what has changed.


As of right now a fair amount of people are going to see this and think they already have the mod and not download it - there's absolutely nothing pointing out what's different about this mod. No text or anything. Just pictures and a download link and "2.0" - which most people in this forum section use to reference that they fixed their mod after an update broke it.


Sorry I didn't notice ferrothorn's spikes went down instead of up. As for the other pokes, I still can't tell the difference.

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  • TooManyLuigis changed the title to [MOD] Generation 5 Follower Sprites v2.1b (updated for 2023)

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