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  1. ES: Hola, podrias hacerme un tema 100% a mi g sto? es decir, yo te pagare por hacelo claramente, lo que tu consideras justo, si no puedes, no hay problema, solo me gusto tu arte, gracias por tu tiempo x) EN: Hi, could you give me a 100% theme for me? that is, I will pay you for doing it clearly, whatever you consider fair, if you can't, no problem, I liked your art, thanks for your time!
  2. ES:Estare siguiendo activamente a tu tema,espero que se me notifique cualquier cambio u nueva version ;) EN:I will be actively following your topic, I hope I will be notified of any changes or new versions
  3. My score was before trying it, I'm sorry, but I found the error 1, and it seems that the bar of life of the hordes comes out, I hope they fix it soon :)
  4. Will you do it with all the pokemnon? thanks for reading me
  5. Well, this is only the beginning for what this extensive hunt for shiny bagon will be with my friend and teammate @sengozan, I am proud to say that this is the 1 PHASE for my shiny bagon
  6. One of the best carmin ch1 ive been present...Millonaire people that i admire everywhere lol
  7. I LOVE METAGROSS the angle of the photo is not the best lol
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