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smeargle.gif Smoog♀ - 21/04/2023 (5x horde)


- Very first shiny! Got about one month into my pokemmo journey, completely jumpstarted my addiction of shiny hunting 🎨

chatot.gifBirbman♂ - 26/04/2023 (3x horde)


- Decided to up the difficulty with my next hunt with a 3x horde only during daytime, first phase #birbgang

 riolu.gifSanji♂ - 25/06/2023 (Repel trick)


- Again deciding to up the difficulty I don't think I realized just how grueling this hunt would be. Taking just under two months and over 500 hours I got extremely lucky and captured Sanji on my first phase. He is a special shiny that means a lot more to me than just pixels on the screen. Special thanks to @undel for keeping me sane the entire time hunting right beside me, he's up next.

girafarig-f.gifBig Rig♀ - 29/06/2023 (3x horde)


- After getting 100 encounters a day for two months it was nice to move back to hordes, girafarig was the only shiny I ever caught in the mainline games.

eelektross.gif Lil Uzi Eel♂ - 30/06/2023 (3x horde)


- Team was listening to and discussing pink tape when he appeared, named him accordingly.

breloom.gifRaptor♀ - 02/07/2023 (singles)


- Went to petalburg woods and struck gold less than 10k encounters in, 31 speed so i bred her to be a great catcher!

absol.gifAmerica♂ - 04/07/2023 (singles)


- Here was when I realized just how lucky of a streak I had been having. Less than 10k encounters after shroomish I stumbled upon this beauty on July 4th. At this point I had gotten 3 of my target single shinies in a span of 3 weeks.

camerupt-f.gif Puppy Dawg♀ - 16/07/2023 (5x horde)


- Did singles for a couple of weeks and when I went to level up my gym rerun team found this guy 🙂 

shellos-east.gif Shelly♀ - 23/07/2023 (singles)


- First phase ever. Was looking for croagunk may return one day.


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