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[SHOP][GUI/THEME] Varti's Theme Garage


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🎨 Welcome to Varti's Theme Garage  🎨


About me and this shop

Although I don't play as often as I used to, I enjoy the theming aspect of the the game. Just a friendly reminder that we're all busy people and my ETA is around 2 weeks!



My Work


I'm author of Yet Another Dark Theme and do theme compatibility fixing on the side





Please keep it as SFW as possible, anything that I don't have to explain to the police why I have it on my screen is valid



How to order

I will need the following info to start working on your theme


Name of your theme

Login Background

Color scheme of buttons, windows, etc.

Pokemon Info background (optional)

Trainer card background (optional)

Any other references


Theme Creation/Fixing Price

1 millon



All my contact info is in my profile or just tag me @Vartiou 



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