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  1. Bumping to let you know the particles are now fixed, thanks for letting me know!
  2. 8 in game hours for a shiny aron, Over 6 months looking for a shiny ralts playing 1 or 2 hours a day. Within that time I found 2 bibarrels.
  3. Hey guys, bumping here to let you know this theme has been updated. I did some minor updates to some shades to help with the ui. Let me know if they're ok or change it back. Shout out to @budadethyou are the true mvp for doing updates it while I was away.
  4. Anyone has a screen cap on how this secret shiny particle look like in battle?
  5. Black city was a a joy to experience with everyone
  6. I find it unfair that pvp players can't profit from the pvp exclusive hats
  7. That's an awesome looking Gardevoir, thank you so much @DragoTamer!
  8. Thank you so much for this! Now everyone can have the look they've always wanted. It's a shame some hairstyles are gender locked in-game, there are a lot cool designs that can be made in your website.
  9. Shades of The Lost Shrine Emil and Kainé fend off the shades as Nier rushes into the Lost Shrine to rescue her sister, Yonah. Some context, I've been paying NieR: Replicant v1.22 Had tons of fun and decided to make a little cosplay of Emil. Good luck everyone!
  10. Have hats track a certain stat, like total pvp victories, shinies caught, etc. This adds something like bragging rights to the players. Something like how Team Fortress 2 does with their hats. And allow players to inspect the stats to others.
  11. 5k hours, only 4 shinies. But I played pvp most of my time.
  12. I hope we get a Halloween dungeon this time. Chinese new years and Christmas have one. ?
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