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  1. Make sure it's extracted and in a folder named "Tinted". It should look like this:
  2. Hi everyone, It's been a while! Lots of life lore happening to me atm. But fret not for I have updated the theme again. It was a quick patch, if you see any bug please let me know! As always the download link should be up-to-date and the changes are posted at the start of this thread. Cheers Whats new AFAIK New color customization menu GTL templates Raid battle boss hp bars
  3. Around 2k encounters. forgot to turn on the counter a bit
  4. Some more updates: Confident to remove the BETA name on the theme Lots of details added Changed the default theme color. Added color theme examples in this topic and in theme.xml Thanks to everyone for your feedback!
  5. Some Fixes: Chat tab settings background Missing Disobedience and battlebox indicator PC battle box headers are now theme colored In battle, Pokemon switch are now theme tinted
  6. Google the color hexadecimal code you want: In your case purple is #800080 In Theme.xml, open with any text editor and find the "theme-tint" name. Replace the default color code #6c6c6c to #800080. The resulting line should now be: <constantDef name="theme-tint"><color>#800080</color></constantDef> Save the file and reload the game.
  7. TINTED A color customizable theme. Instructions Open "theme.xml" with any text editor Change the "theme-tint" value with any hexadecimal color code Default Theme Colored Theme Examples Dark Theme #6C6C6C Purple Theme #A357C0 Lila Theme #C8A2C8 Blue Theme #4258AA Red Theme #9D2933 DOWNLOAD https://drive.google.com/file/d/16VbZkjFg-Vm0nnVAf3kTNt20PnL8ExDx/view?usp=sharing INSTALLATION Extract Contents to Themes Folder Reload Game and select the theme Enjoy DONATIONS IGN: Vartiou Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
  8. Had some time this weekend. GTL was a pain in the butt. Tab buttons need work but overall mostly done

    Obligatory: What if it was purple?

  9. Holy shuckle it's working


  10. Finally was able to play around the default tints on the pokemon typings.



  11. Had to tone down the iron man suit references, some were very funny. Also ai can't gyarados
  12. I always update the download link at the beginning of this topic. You can always download it there
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