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[Art] [Shop] Kommizionz bai mi

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Hello, I'm (read the name, don't be lazy) 

and I'm TRYING to make drawings, no matter how ugly they are, they can be considered that way, right? In short, I do everything except:




1. NSFW content (incluiding "dirty" content,gore,etc...)


2. No furry content >:/

And here is the other information a little more important:



1. Don't try to rush so that the drawing comes out faster, everything goes in its time and yes I will give it to you


2.First I give you the drawing, then you pay me (the drawing will contain a watermark until paid)


3 (And less important). If you don't understand what I say in English, I'm sorry, I don't know enough

                                                  (Tomorrow I will add the examples...or maybe later)

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