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Halloween 2023 Wisp Locations + Pumpking Guide (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova)

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Kanto gets Alpha Gengar, Johto gets Alpha Mismagius, Hoenn gets Alpha Dusknoir, Sinnoh gets Alpha Drifblim, Unova gets Alpha Chandelure. Completing all five regions gets Alpha Spiritomb. I high recommending stocking on 200-300 repels to make life easier. Bring a pokemon for alpha catching at all times, as every few wisp encounters spawns a guaranteed x31 IV HA Pokemon of the evolutionary line and the last one will spawn an Alpha. 


Kanto (Alpha Gengar) 
@OfficialDarku made a video guide for Kanto



Route 23 requires surf. Walk through normally as if going to Victory Road and you'll run into the Wisp. 

Mt Moon head into Mt Moon and take the right path. Ignore the first ladder and keep walking until you can go up. Go up and to the left, past the trainer running in a circle. Square? Head down the first ladder you see and then the next ladder. The Wisp should be just to the right.

Route 4 requires surf. Go to Cerulean City and up past the bridge and to the left to surf. Follow the path until you get to Cerulean Cave and keep going left until you see a female trainer standing next to a Wisp. 

Route 24 Go back up past the bridge and all the way right to Bill's house. Go to where the two trainers are looking into the water and walk into the opening just under to the left. Keep going and you'll see the Wisp. 

Cerulean City requires cut. Go down to the cut tree that leads to the day care and cut it. Just to the left will be the next Wisp. 

Rock Tunnel flash recommended. Head up from Lavender Town and into rock tunnel. Go up until you see the sign, then head right until you see a large wall. Go down a bit then keep heading right, then go up again until you see some picnickers and head down the ladder. Go down past the scientist until you see a Hiker, then turn right and down to the picnicker. Turn right again and head down for your prize. 

Route 12 surf required. From Lavender Town go to the wooden bridges straight down into route 12 and follow the path. You should see the Wisp on a small island. Surf and grab it. 

Route 13 requires cut. Head through route 12 as normal. When you get to route 13 (where you see the two blond trainers) keep going left until you reach a picnicker. Go up and to the left, then up again at the first opportunity. Head to the right and turn up when you reach the sign. Cut the tree and go into the patch of grass for the Wisp.

Pokemon Mansion from the entrance go up into the first stair case. Once on the second floor, activate the nearby statue then head right and all the way up to the stairs on the left. Once on the third floor, activate the statue and go right then down and throw yourself into the larger of the two holes (the one on the left). Go down and head down the stairs to the right, then to the room on the left when the scientist is pacing to activate the statue. Loop back around to the stairs but dont go up them, go up into the now open door and keep going up to activate the statue. Run all the way to the left to find your Wisp. 

Treasure Beach requires surf. Head to the creatively named Island One and go down to the docks and surf. Just keep heading down until you reach land again and the Wisp will be there. 

Cape Brink go to the equally creative Island Two and head right for a little before going as far up as you can. You should find the Wisp next to a house. 

Berry Forest requires surf and cut. Take the route you'd usually take when going to save Lostelle from the Hypno and surf in the big square pool just before that area. Cut down the many trees and the Wisp is yours.

Route 2 requires cut. Fly to Viridian City and head up into route 2. Cut either of the trees in the way and follow the path up for your Wisp.

Power Plant requires surf. From rock tunnel go up to the grass patch and past the fence to surf, then follow the river down to the power plant. Once inside, go up, left, up, right, up, right again. You should see the Wisp by this point. Follow the path to the right and get the Wisp. 

Pokemon Tower just progress through as normal. The wisp will be on the floor above the magic blue healing circle, to the north. 

Route 8 requires cut. Another simple one, just head left into route 8 from Lavender Town and cut the tree blocking your way into the grass patch. The Wisp will be right in the middle. 

Route 16 requires cut. From Celadon City, go left into route 16. Before the gate, cut the tree and go up. Follow the path to the left and you'll be rewarded with another Wisp. 

Seafoam Island requires surf. From Cinnabar Island head right until you see a small patch of land with a sign and a picnicker. Destroy her party if you wish then go inside. Go down the nearby ladder then down the other nearby ladder. The Wisp should be right there. If you wish to go the long way, for some reason, Darku's video shows that one. 

Mt Ember requires surf, strength. Go to the right and surf a short distance, then head up as far as you can past the hot spring. Surf again and keep heading up until you reach Mt Ember. Head to the left and push the rocks out the way. Follow the path up the stairs and to the right. If you have rock smash you can break the rocks to go up the stairs and to the left, if not walk the very short distance to the larger stairs and up the smaller set of stairs just in front of it, then go left. Either way, enter the cave. The path is very straight forward. Once you get back outside, go left and up to the Wisp. 

Three Island Port head to Three Island then just go straight down to the port you initially arrived from and the Wisp will be right out in the open.

Johto (Alpha Mismagius)
@OfficialDarku made a video guide for Johto



Cherrygrove requires surf. Go to the very left until you can surf, then keep going left. The wisp will be on the sandbar with the guy standing on it. 

Violet City requires surf. Go up the path to the Sprout Tower, then surf to the left until you see an opening to walk on in the upper left. Follow that path for the Wisp. 

Union cave, requires surf. From Route 32 go surf down to the Hiker next to the two rocks and go right, then down. When you see the fire breather, go to the left and surf and keep surfing until you see the three rocks. Go down and into the nearby staircase. Go all the way to the right past the two trainers. Once to the right, go down and surf again until the path splits. Follow the path to the left and you'll find the wisp. 

Ilex forest is before the cuttable tree to the right.

National Park is on the other side of the fence. You can find the gap in the fence at the top of the area. You'll half to walk all the way around to the bottom left. 

Bell Tower just go through the tower as normal like you would if looking for Ho-Oh. The Wisp will be in the upper right corner. 

Whirl Islands whirlpool and surf required. From Ciandwood go into route 41. Go right until you see the bottom part of the lower left island, a female swimmer and shortly after a male swimmer will be next to it. From there keep going right until you see a whirlpool and the lower right island. Ignore it and keep going right until you're stopped by rocks. Go up until you see another female swimmer and a whirlpool. If you pass the male swimmer, you've gone to far. Go through the whirlpool and onto the upper right island. One inside jump down the ledge and then go to the NORTHERN ledge and jump down. Go down the ladder and follow the path, your wisp should be there. 

Lighthouse  Just take the elevator to the very top then take ladders down until you reach a big door. It'll be in the outside portion of the lighthouse, around the middle of it. 

Dragon's Den requires surf. Just go inside and keep going forward, it'll be pretty much in the open. 

Route 46 from Dark Cave, go down the first ledge and to the left where the two picnickers are. Beat them if you haven't and claim your prize. 

Route 27 requires surf and whirlpool. Go through Tohjo falls as normal until you reach the house with the ace trainer. Follow the path left until you reach the wooden bridge, then surf down until you see a whirlpool. Go down past it and to the left. You can skip battling the trainer by just landing behind him. 

Dark Cave Go from Blackthorn and enter the first cave, go left until you reach the first set of stairs and go down and surf. You'll see a platform directly below you, ignore it and go left. You'll see 2 more places to land, choose the bottom one and stick left, it'll be right before the next ledge. 
Big thanks to @Metthew for this one

Ruins of Alph Strength and Surf required. From route 32, follow the path to the left and go up until you see a fire breather, then take the nearby staircase. Go to the pool and surf up and go past the hiker. When you see the second hiker, go down and to the left and up the staircase. From here on just follow the path out until you reach the outside area with lots of rocks and an odd looking grass patch in the middle. 

Slowpoke Well requires surf, strength. Go down the well as usual and follow the path. Should be pretty straight forward. 

Pokeathalon Dome go left from the area you enter the National Park from and enter the doorway. It's pretty hard to miss so just keep going up. 

Route 47 requires surf, waterfall. From Cianwood follow the path as if going to the safari zone until you reach Cliff Cave. Take the ladder down and head outside. Surf all the way to the left past the first water fall until you reach the second. Go up it and keep going left to find your prize. 

Mt Mortar requires waterfall and surf. Follow this map. You want to start from Route 42 where you'd see Suicune's overworld sprite. 
image.png image.png
Ice Path from route 43 follow the path up until the slick ice. Go up, right, up. Go up the stairs and follow the path until you go down and reach another slide puzzle. Slide up, left, up, left, down, left, up, right. Go up the stairs and follow the path until you go back down, then go down the ladder. Go all the way up and to the right until you see the first hole. Keep going right until you see the second hole then go down, making sure not to fall in. Go around the pushable rock (it wont be there if you've done this puzzle) and go down until you see another hole. Go around it and to the right and you should see the wisp. 

Tohjo Falls surf and waterfall required. From New Bark Town go into the waterfall as normal. Go up the left one and down the right one. Keep going right until you can go up onto land then keep going left on the ledge. Once you're behind the left water fall, walk up and you should find the hidden room and your wisp 

Route 34 requires surf. Go down from Goldenrod until you reach the daycare, then surf on the water to the left and just follow the path. Keep in mind you'll be jumped by three ace trainers. They're only around level 30 but make sure you have something that can KO.

Hoenn (Alpha Dusknoir) 
@OfficialDarku made a video guide for Hoenn



Petalburg Woods requires cut. Head down into Petalburg Woods from Rustboro and cut the trees immediately to the right. Go right, then down and off a ledge to claim the Wisp. 

Granite Cave mach bike required, flash recommended. Head into Granite Cave from Dewford town and go left and down the ladder. Go up and to the right and go up the sand pile. Loop around the breaking floor all the way to the right and go down the ladder, where the Wisp is waiting. 

Route 110 requires surf. Go up from Slateport City up to where the Trick House would be, then go right to the path under the bridge until you reach an opening in the fence. Its before the youngster. Surf up to the small island to get the Wisp. 

Route 111 requires rock smash. From Mauville, head as far north as you can past the battle family's house and up to the rocks blocking the desert. Break them, then head to the right and down. You'll find the Wisp just past two picnickers and a ruin maniac. 

Meteor Falls requires surf, waterfall. From Fallarbor town take the usual route to Meteor Falls and cross the wood bridge. Surf and head up the waterfall. Go into the next room and down the nearby ladder. Go down and left, then up the stairs and up the ladder. Go into the nearby doorway then follow the path up and to the right for the Wisp. Be warned about talking to Steven Stone here, as he'll immediately start a fight with a full party of high level pokemon. He doesn't even give you anything either. Lame. 

Lavaridge Town eye bleach required. In the hot springs next to the naked grannies. You can get there by entering the Pokecenter and going through the door in the back. 

Route 119 acro bike, surf, and waterfall required. From Fortree head to the bridge that leads to the Weather Institute but dont cross it. Instead keep going down and surf. Go up and head up the waterfall. Go to the silver rails and bunny hop across the river, then head to the one at the very top and bunny hop across it. You can bunny hop by holding down the 'X' key, or whatever you have set as your key bind for the B button. 

Scorched Slab requires surf. From Fortree City, go into Route 120 and down to the pool of water. Surf to the south until you see a cave and go inside. The Wisp will be just ahead. 

Route 120 from Fortree City progress normally until you reach the maze like area made of tall grass. Head to the end of it and jump down the ledge to cross the bridge. Follow the path down until you see a maid, then take the stairs near her. Go up until you see the young boy and go into the grass past him and up the stairs. You should see the wisp. 

Route 123 requires surf. Start in Lilycove and heard left to Mt. Pyre. Surf down past Mt Pyre onto Route 123. Head left and cut the trees or go through the two trainers. Either way go up and hop off the ledge. Do NOT hop off the bottom one. Go to the left, being careful not to fall off the ledges, and claim the Wisp. 

Route 127 surf and dive required. From Mossdeep city, surf down until the rock on the right 'breaks' and you can see a fisherman. Go down a little further until you see a swimmer, then go down just a bit further and to the right until you see and island with a karate guy on it. Go to the right to a dark spot on the water and dive. Go up to the nearby light spot and use dive again to return to the surface. Head up to the small island with the trees, and the Wisp will be on the left. 

Route 134 surf required. Go to Pacifilog Town (Slateport has currents that stop you from getting to the wisp) and surf to the left. Keep to the bottom and ride the currents. You should first land in front of a Fisherman, then the island just next to it with ace trainers and some old people. Next you should ride the currents again and pass a karate man on a long island. After that you should land near an area with calm water surrounded by currents, near two ace trainers. The Wisp will be on that island. Sorry this one isn't more specific. 

Route 105 requires surf. Start from Petalburg City and go left to the beach to surf. Head down to an island with a hiker pacing on it and land on it. Go left and surf when you reach water again. Avoid the swimmer and keep going up to reach another Wisp. 

Abandoned Ship requires surf and dive. From Dewford town head right into route 108 and keep going until you reach the Abandoned Ship. Go up into the first room, then to the right and down the stairs. Go into the middle room just below the Sailor and dive in the pool. Head left and through the door and then use dive to resurface. Go to the upper right room and head left to grab the Wisp. 

Route 116 head to Verdanturf town and go into Rusturf Tunnel. Immediately go left and down to exit the tunnel. Once outside, head up the nearby stairs to grab the Wisp on the right.

Route 114 requires surf, waterfall. From Fallabor head to the left and to the river past the old man with the Poochyena. Surf in the river and head up the waterfall to claim your Wisp to the left.

Route 115 requires surf, Mach bike. Start from Rustboro City and head up into route 15 before turning left to the beach. Surf up until you read an area with a lot of trees. Dodge or fight the trainers walking around and head right up the stairs and use your bike to go up the sand. Head to the right, down, and to the left to get the Wisp. 

Mt Chimney requires acro bike. Head to the right and into the hole next to the pacing hiker. Bunny hop up the rocks (Hold X, or whatever button your B key is mapped to). Keep heading up until you reach the gondola and go up the stairs behind it. Head to the left and go up. The Wisp will be next to where those Magma clowns woke Groudon up. 

Mt. Pyre surf required. Start in Lilycove and head down to Mt Pyre. Go inside and turn left to the doorway so you can head back out onto the mountain. Progress throuh Mt. Pyre normally until you reach the section the old couple is at. Dont head up to them, but go to the left and find the Wisp in the middle of a square of four orange tombstones. 

Route 124 requires surf, dive. Start in Lilycove and surf to route 124. Stick to the upper party of the route and head as far right as you can until you see a dive spot. Use it and resurface in the only other dive spot. The Wisp will be just to the left. 

Sky Pillar requires surf, mach bike. Start in Pacifidlog and hear right until you get to the Sky Pillar. From there just climb up to where you'd meet Rayquaza and it'll be on the right.

Sootopolis City requires surf. From the pokecenter, surf across past the gym to the shop and head up the stairs. From there just follow the path and you'll see the Wisp.

7.8/10 too much water. 

Sinnoh (Alpha Drifblim)
@OfficialDarku made a video guide for Sinnoh



Verity Caverns surf required. Start in Twinleaf Town and head up and to the left to Verity Lakefront. Surf over to the cave in the middle of the lake to grab your first Wisp. Unless you're doing this guide out of order, then I have no idea what Wisp you're on. 

Route 221 surf required. Travel to Sandgem town and head down to the beach, Avoid or fight some tubers and keep to the right to head down a small rocky path. There's a swimmer swimming around there, so avoid or battle her. Keep surfing right and you'll find a chunk of land with a fisherman on it. Keep going right and you'll run into a really annoying ace trainer with a Cherrim that can put you to sleep. Beat her and keep going right to claim your prize. 

Ravaged Path requires rock smash and surf. Start in Jubilife Town and go up to Ravaged Path. Rock smash the rocks to the left turn surf. Follow the water's path until you reach the Wisp.

Old Chateau requires cut. Start from Eterna City and head left into Eterna Forest. There will be some cut trees nearby, and if its your first time Gardenia will be here too. Cut the trees and follow the path down to the Old Chateau. Go into the door on the ground floor and the Wisp will be sitting on a chair. 

Oreburgh Gate requires rock smash, surf, strength. Travel to Oreburgh City and go left to where you entered the city for the first time. Keep going left until you see the hiker then go up and smash some rocks. Go left and down the stairs, then down some more stairs. Walk up to the water and use surf. Head left until you see an old man, then go down those stairs and push a boulder (You'll get the earth plate). Head up, rock smash, push the boulder to where the rock was, and get your Wisp.

Spear Pillar requires surf, rock climb, strength, waterfall. Oh boy. This is gonna be a long one. Start from Oreburgh City and go up and into route 207. Keep going up until you see a small staircase heading down on the right side. Take it, then bike up the sand. Head right past the picnickers and hiker into Mt. Coronet. Go up to the water and surf. Head right until you're back on solid ground. Ignore the stairs and head to the small path. Be careful not to hop off the ledge and use rock climb. Go up the stairs and head up. Go left and ignore the stairs, and go down and push the boulder. Head up the newly accessible stairs and keep going up and across the wooden bridge. Take the stairs down, then go up. Cross the other wooden bridge and go down the stairs, careful not to hop off the ledges. Go down the stairs to the left, and up the stairs even further to the left. The hole ahead looks blocked by floating rubble but you'll be able to enter just fine. Follow the short path until you go up the stairs. Go up and follow the path until you get back outside. Head to the right and either up the stairs to avoid the grass or just run through the grass. Either way rock climb at the end of the path and go left. Follow the path until you see a boulder. Use strength and push the boulder out of the way. Walk past the smashable rock and go up some stairs and into a new room. Use rock climb then follow the path to the right. Walk down some stairs and head into the exit to get back outside. Head down the nearby stairs and walk to the end of that little path. Use rock climb on the LEFT, not the front. Follow the path to the left until you get to a section with two stairs going down. Ignore the stairs and look for a hole in the wall to the right. It can be hard to see. Go inside and follow the path. Thankfully its entirely straight forward from here. Just keep going forward to where Giratina was pissed off and you'll (finally) find the Wisp.

Route 209 defog recommended. Travel to Solaceon Town and go down to the tower. Inside is pretty straight forward, but has plenty of trainers. Make your way to the top where the two old ladies are and get your prize. 

Route 213 requires rock climb. Head to Pastoria and go right into route 213. Go down to the where it transitions into beach and use rock climb on the right to find the Wisp. 

Route 215 start from Veilstone and exit to route 215. The path is pretty straight forward, go past the guy pacing, to the left, past the karate man, up the stairs, and across the wooden bridge.

Route 217 travel to Snowpoint city and go left towards Acuity Lakefront and go down into route 217.  Go down until you reach the house with the hiker who gives you the icicle plate than a little further down to the young boy and then down to the two red trees. Then go right until you see two red trees with the Wisp nestled next to them. 

Route 223 requires surf and waterfall. Start from the entrance to victory road then head down to route 223. Just pass the swimming guy and to the right is the Wisp. 

Canalave City requires surf. From the PokeCenter cross the bridge to the left and go to the dock that takes you to Iron Island. Dont travel there, instead surf down until you reach a bit of land, then go left to claim the Wisp. 

Iron Island This time actually take the boat to Iron Island and follow the path up to the cave. Take the stairs to the right, and go up the stairs next to the barrel. Take the next stairs back down and keep going to the stairs behind the picnicker. Head down the elevator and go down the right stairs. Go straight down then up the skinny stairs, then back down. Follow the path all the way to the right then around for the Wisp.

Floaroma Meadow requires surf. Head to Floaroma town and go right to the bridge that leads to the windmill. Surf to the left and take the path to the Ironworks. Instead of going up to the Ironworks, go down and into the meadow. Go all the way to the left and claim the Wisp. 

Wayward Cave requires cut, rock smash, flash recommended. From Oreburgh go up to route 207 and up the sand, then keep going forward until you're at the bridge. Go to right to two trees that can be cut. Go as far up as you can and go into the secret entrance under the bridge. Go up two sand piles. then go over the ramps. On the fourth ramp, press 'X' or whatever key is mapped to B to slow down your bike. Hop the ramp, then feel free to back to full speed. Follow all the ramp bridges and stairs until you find stairs that lead to a new room. Go in, then get the Wisp. 

Route 207 requires surf, rockslide, strength. Go to Oreburgh City and once again go up the sandpile. Take the same path up to Mt Coronet's second floor. After pushing the first pushable boulder, go up the stairs and instead of going up, turn to the left and go down. Exit using the door and go all the way back down, and use rock climb. Grab the Wisp.

Route 210 Head up the normal path from Solaceon town through the normal path until it gets foggy. Go left until you see water, then go up the stairs. Go up the larger flight of stairs, and just to the right is a place to rock climb. Go to the right and rock climb again. You'll be challenged by a Dragon Tamer with a level 34 Gible. Destroy him then go down and to the left for your reward. 

Route 212 requires cut, surf. Start from Hearthome city and go down to route 212. Go down until you get just about to the Pokemon Mansion, and go to a tree you can cut to the left. Cut it and follow the path up to the water. Surf and grab the Wisp. 

Valor Cavern requires surf. Head to Valor Lakefront from either Pastoria or Veilstone. Surf down to the cavern, head inside, and grab the Wisp.

Acuity Cavern requires surf, rockslide. Head up Snowpoint and go to Acuity Lakefront. Surf to the cavern, walk in, grab your Wisp. 

Route 216 requires rock climb. Start from Snowpoint then go into route 217 and down into 216. Keep going until you find the Snowbound Lodge where a hiker will heal your party, then go right. Use rock climb and head all the way to the right for the Wisp. 

Distortion World (why) requires rock climb. Head to Veilstone and down into route 214. Go through the mini maze until you see a pacing psychic, then turn to the path on the right. Follow the path until you reach Sendoff Spring. Go to the right and rock climb, then go around to the right until you reach another rock climb and go down it, then head into the cave. I'm fairly certain this is entirely RNG. You have to find three pillars before entering 30 rooms to find Giratina. If and when those 3 pillars are found, the next room will have a portal to the distortion world and a pokeball. Hope in and go slightly to the left and up. The right and hop onto the sideways floor. Go forward, then onto the normal floor. Go left and hop across the floating rocks. Go down the large floaty rock and to the left, and hop on some more floaty rocks. Your Wisp will be waiting.

Unova (Alpha Chandelure)
@OfficialDarku made a video guide for Unova

P2 Laboratory, Route 18 requires surf, possibly patience. Follow this map. Sorry for poor quality, red circles are where you'll find your Wisps



Dreamyard requires cut. Cut the tree and go up to where you'd fight the two Plasma grunts in the story. Go around to the right to the stairs, go up them, and head to the left for your Wisp.

Pinwheel Forest follow the path you'd take to chase the Plasma Grunt during the main story (taking the left path all the way around)

Relic Castle go past the first two sand pits (make sure to walk, not bike or run) and walk down the stairs, then jump down the pit. Walk past the new sandpit and into the one just below it. Go to the left and walk past the middle pit, again making sure not to walk or bike, then jump down the one to the left of it. To the right will be your Wisp. 

Route 5 Go down as soon as you exit the Nimbasa Gate and follow the path under the fence to find the Wisp.

Cold Storage Go down to where you'd chase the Plasma Grunts and Zinzolin during the story, but instead of entering walk up the grass to the left of the doorway.

Chargestone Cave enter from Mistralton City. Go to the left and then up to the stairs. Go down the stairs, then down the next flight of stairs. Go down and push the floating stone out of the way, then go all the way right and up. You'll find your Wisp there.

Twist Mountain from Icirrus City, enter Twist Mountain and go left, then down and out the door. Take the stairs down to the bulldozer, then take the stairs going down and head through the door. Follow the path to the next door and take the path to the right, which will loop around to your Wisp. 

Moor of Icirrus enter from route 8 and take the left path up until you see a Ranger. Go into the little area he's in and you should see the Wisp. 

Anville Town go to Nimbasa City and enter the Gear Station (big building filled with trains) and go to the brown train. Talk to the guy in green inside of there and he'll take you to Anville Town. Once you're there go up the stairs and to the left just past the single house on the upper row and go up. You'll find your Wisp at the end of the path. 

Nacrene City from the pokecenter, go left onto the train tracks. 

Wellspring Cave surf required, flash recommended. Go left past the daycare all the way to the end of the path, and into the entrance of the cave just above. Surf to the left and down onto land, then go right until you go down some stairs. Go down some stairs to the right then follow the path up. Beware of the three trainers looking for a fight. Go up the stairs past them, then go right and up until you can surf again. Surf to the land just in front and the Wisp should be in a little divot to the right.

Route 4 enter from Castelia City and go left into the dark sand until you reach the orange cones then up until you reach the area with fences. Take the stairs to the right down, then go up the middle stairs and grab your Wisp. 

Lostlorn Forest requires surf and waterfall. From Nimbasa City go into route 16, then enter the grassy area past the officer. Go to the right until you reach Lostlorn, then surf in the stream and go up the waterfall. The Wisp will be a little north once you reach the top.

Driftveil City requires surf. From the pokemon center go to the right where you see a biker pacing near the water. Surf and go right to the lighthouse for the Wisp. 

Guidance Chamber requires surf, strength, and rock smash. flash recommended. From Driftveil go up to where the Deerling Scientists work and make your way up to the old man overlooking the water. Surf onto the water, then go onto the small upper section of grass to get past the rocks blocking the river, then surf again. Keep going to the right until you see a cave entrance and go inside. If you've already been here, you can just go right through the short cut. If not, Go down and push the stone into the hole, then keep going down and to the right past the hiker and push another stone. Go up until you see another hiker and go left (I'd recommend opening the shortcut here), then go down until you see some stairs heading up. If you have the short cut just go right and up the stairs. If not, take a few steps down to push yet another stone and head to the right. Go up and push ANOTHER stone and go right to the stairs. I once again recommend pushing this next stone into the hole so you dont have to go the long way next time. Once you're up the stairs you can either go through the short cut or go right and up the small stairs. If its your first time here, you'll be stopped by the old man who tells you about the Swords of Justice. Listen to his story, or don't, and go up and down two stairs. Go down, smash a rock, push another damn stone into another hole, swallow your pride and push another stone in order to open a shortcut, then go left and all the way up to FINALLY claim your Wisp. 

Celestial Tower not much to say here, just head up to the roof as your normally would and grab the wisp. 

Dragonspiral Tower strength required. Walk through normally until you get to the pushable boulder in the room with the broken columns. Take the first ramp at the top of the stairs. Take the bottom ramp then go up the stairs. Keep running through as normal until your reach the room with all the circles. Go right and over the bridge, then right and up again. Turn left and go up, then right and over the ramp. Go over the bridge, to the left, over the bridge, right again, over another bridge, then finally up the stairs. Once again just follow the path until you reach the room N got Reshiram in. Your prize should be right in front of you as you get to the top of the stairs. 

Route 9 head into route 9 from Opelucid City and immediately go down and all the way to the left past the dark grass to find the Wisp. 

Route 10 from Opelucid City go all the way to the right, and then up into the pathway that leads into Victory Road. Once you reach the wind room, you'll see the Wisp to the right. 

Alpha Spiritomb 
After catching every event Alpha, Alpha Spiritomb will spawn on Sinnoh's Route 209. There will be a whole swarm of normal Spiritombs along with the Alpha. It's pretty tough, so bring your A game.

Both Pumpking guide made by @OfficialDarku

"Easy" Mode

Hard Mode


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For Dark Cave:

Go from Blackthorn and enter the first cave, go left until you reach the first set of stairs and go down and surf. You'll see a platform directly below you, ignore it and go left. You'll see 2 more places to land, choose the bottom one and stick left, it'll be right before the next ledge. 

You don't have to ignore the first platform, I didn't realize they were the same connected path lol.

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6 hours ago, Enpure said:

Where do you find Alpha Spiritomb?


I've done all your guides but haven't found Spiritomb Alpha.



It'll be on route 209 in Sinnoh! I just realized I should actually quote you in the reply so you'll see it

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25 minutes ago, hess9x said:

If I get knocked out by the alpha pokemon after collecting all the wisps, will the alpha still be there or is it gone?

It'll respawn like a normal Alpha, you may need to leave the area or log out and log back in for the Wisp to respawn

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