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Will i get Banned?

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I was Laying in bed and played a bit pokemon on my Phone last time was Months ago i played some pvp and got a Message that an app was found called autoclicker i never used this app for pokemmo just used it for cookie clicker... do i need to fear to get Banned i dont wanna lose an account thats so old pls help 😞

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Hi, if you use any autoclicking or macro software on your phone, it may run in the background even when you're not using it. If PokeMMO detects such software, you'll see the message you mention, and if you continue to run PokeMMO with this software, your account may be subject to punishment for prohibited third-party software (botting).


I would strongly recommend that you completely uninstall any such autoclicking or macro software if you want to continue playing PokeMMO on this device.

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