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[UPCOMING] "A Colorful Fight to the Finish" Double Event Extravaganza

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"A Colorful Fight to the Finish" Double Event Extravaganza



In honor of my Red guide releasing, I'll be hosting 2 events. Both are themed around the Red guide, involving aspects from catch events, pvp, and game knowledge. I hope you're ready...

It's time to fight.



Event 1: "To Counter the Counter"

Current Prize Pool: ¥3.5m


In this event, players will engage in a battle against time to put together a team that can fight members of my Red Strategies.

You will have 90 minutes to catch, train, and breed up a team.

Afterwards, you fight me.


If you WIN,  you're in the prize pot.

If you lose, you're out.


After all participants have finished their fight, we enter DOUBLE OR NOTHING.

Based on a vote, players can attempt to double their winnings, or lose it all.
Why, via winners PvP of course! 😃

It's worth knowing ALL winners will take an EQUAL piece of the pot when the game ends. This can change Influence your winnings by as much as over 250k!


Additional Notes:


You will not learn what Pokémon you are fighting until the end of the preparation phase. Upon your opponents being revealed, you will be given a chance to switch Pokémon in your party, should you have made extras.



Only 1 Double or Nothing Phase will happen.



Double or Nothing has an... additional twist 😉



Breeding using mons caught BEFORE the event , GTL, and trades are banned during preparation phase. I will ask that you link your mons in chat before the fight to ensure everyone is fighting fair, as well as the mons you're combining whenever you're in the breeding process (DMed to any staff is fine)



All the mons that can show up are in the guide already. Feel free to use it to get ideas, but know if the Pokémon doesn't have 4 moves already, I have full control over what they are.



Begin Planning Accordingly 😉



Event 2: "The Quest to Find Success"

Current Prize Pool: ¥3.5m


This Event will happen the day after Event 1.

This one is simpler.

Sinnoh. It's Sinnoh. Go get ;er done!

A scavenger hunt! 😄

Shadow, Morgz, Maxi and I will be at various locations in MMo. It's YOUR job to figure out where we are!


And of course, when you find us, you won't get the hint for free. You have to battle for it 🙂

You may use any Pokémon. Shadow and Morgz have been told not to hold back.


When I say any Pokémon, just know you can choose 5. These will be submitted the same way as the previous, with links.


After a certain number of people make it and beat the current checkpoint, the checkpoint is LOCKED and everyone who didn't make it is out of the running.

How many people that is will be determined based on participation in the event.


...What, you want a hint now?
Fine. Mail Karu 100k (which every 100k will be added to the prize pot) and you can get most of the first hint early 😉


And yes, because this is a Karu event, there will be gimmicks during it >:)
GL to all who prepare!


P.S. You WILL need a certain regional dex completed to win this event! Perhaps there's a hint to which one somewhere already... 😉






Additional Donations/Donation Incentives:

Players who donate 100k out of their own charity will still get the hint.

Players who donate 1 Million or more will get... Special perks 😉 (no they don't give themselves an advantage, Im not PTW lol)

-Shadow: 500k


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