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Sify Olympics! Team Ace vs Team Bolt

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Sify Olympics! Team Ace vs Team Bolt

In our team olympics we saw 2 teams battle it out to see who will earn the most points! i'm gonna do my best to summarize each category so we can all have this amazing event summarized 🙂

We started the event we a quiz between Toscanethecat (Bolt) and kevthebos! (Ace)
kevthebos ended up winning the quiz scoring most answers correctly from the 9 total questions and granting team Ace 1 point to start the competition! Team Ace started this competition firing on all cylinders as kev was seem to be unstoppable. a momentum that proved to be crucial in the success of team Ace going forward!

Team Ace 1- 0 Team Bolt

PvP Randoms
We started this category in a 2v2 (single randoms battles)

First we had StormyS (Bolt) vs iMarco (Ace)

it was a great match as StormyS showed alot of power right from the beginning to get Team Bolt back into the game, it was a crucial win for team Bolt to get their momentum back!

Team Ace 1- 1 Team Bolt

With our second match we had 

XARFX (Ace) vs Othieno (Bolt)

This was a great match as it was competitive all the way through, having a trick room team facing the likes of a fast team which presented threats such as Togekiss & Electrode. it was close til the very end but Othieno secured the victory and sealed the deal.
Thus granting team Bolt 1 point!

Team Ace 1- 2 Team Bolt

Fashion contest
In the Fashion contest we had : 

Raelith (Ace) vs Lierrei (Bolt)

Lierrei Showed up with a beast shiny Haxorus to pair up with his black clothes and white plauge mask. although very impressive he did lack more obvious color scheme combination with his pokemon and thus didn't win the fashion contest.

Raelith came up with a great combination between his outfit and pokemon! with a beautiful purple wings and green overcoat he matched up perfectly with his purple Belossom and secured the point for team Ace!

Team Ace 2- 2 Team Bolt
Catching contest
The catching contest presented a list of 10 pokemons and the representatives of each team had to catch 4 of them!
The list : Houndour, Pikachu, Gliagar, Minun, Plusle, Mawile Duskull, Yamask, Unown

roxaskarfeild (Ace) vs Zeldaaluv (Bolt)

Zelda started the contest strong taking a 2-1 lead! although roxa didn't give up and managed to tie it to 2-2 after getting a fast catch!
Zelda responded right away with going up 3-2 and seemed like he's gonna win it but the roxa showed up with ice in his veins and made a complete comback to win it 4-3! Zelda will definitely curse the houndour who wasted his time.

Team Ace 3- 2 Team Bolt
Scavenger hunt
In the scavenger hunt both teams picked 2 members to represent them in the challenge and they both worked together to gather 4 items from a list of items : Light ball, Leftovers, Nugget, Chesto berry, Small lucky egg, Lucky egg, Metronome, Everstone 
Both members had to work together in order to bring home 4 items.

the members who participated were : 

Aiysaak & Joey (Ace) vs Twashy & Devil (Bolt)

There was alot of tension in this hunt since this all Ace needed to secure the win and go home as the winners while team Bolt found them selves in a win or go home situation.

As the saying goes, you don't mess with someone who has nothing to lose, team Bolt started this hunt in the best way possible gathering an absurd 3-0 lead only needing 1 items left to go to a final tie breaker with team Ace but then the worst case scenario happened for team Bolt. 
In the chase for a Small lucky egg team Bolt found them selves very unlucky which allowed team Ace to go up to 3-3, This tie definitely made team Bolt stressful and it was sealed once Aiysaak went for a Metronome thief and secured this win for team Ace!

Team Ace 4- 2 Team Bolt

Leader vs Leader
We had a friendly PvP randoms tier competition between the 2 leaders 
roxaskarfeild (Ace) vs Lierrei (Bolt)

It was a close match but roxa's jolteon proved to be too deadly for Lierrei's team which secured roxa's the win and an extra 50k bonus prize!

Prizes : winning team Ace each member received 250k
Team Bolt's members each received 150k

Each team also held a vote for who their MVP was. Each MVP gained a bonus 50k prize!

Team Ace's MVP roxaskarfeild
justified mvp, not only he secured the team a point in the catching competition but also helped alot with information when it came to the Scavenger hunt and of course the cherry on top beating Bolt's leader at the end.

Team Bolt's MVP : StormyS 
StormyS got team Bolt a crucial win against the best pvp player of team Ace iMarco, not only he got them alot of momentum going forward but he also helped alot during the whole tournament.

Team Ace membersroxaskarfeild (Leader), iMarco, Raelith, Joeyott, kevthebos, Aiysaak, XARFX
Team Bolt Members : Lierrei (Leader), StormyS, Othieno, Twashy, Toscanethecat, ZeldaaLuv, DevilLundvatii, 

Event's Judge and organizer : DavidzRR


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Amazing event! I hope we get many more like this in the future! Beautifully led with ample time for preparation and lots lots of fun with everyone in the voice call rooting for their respective team! Glad to be a part of SiFY ♥

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