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About Us


Who are we?

We are Silver family, first created back in 2016
We focus on the social aspect of the game and have knowledge in every section of PokeMMO.
In short, we are a group who loves to chat and be kind!

Why should i join?
So why should you join? 
If you are looking for a fun einvroment to be in this is the place for you!
We hold various team events with prizes!
We have veterans who have been playing the game for years!
Looking for shiny hunting company? we love shiny hunting!
Lots of members who love PvP & PvE!
Looking for people to talk about PokeMMO & Subjects outside of it? this is the place for you!

If you are looking to have fun and spend your time with people who love to chat then i feel like you'd love our team.
We don't focus on 1 specific thing so i feel like you'll surely find people who share what you like especially if you like multiple aspects of the game.
If interested please contact me here or via my Discord : @thatboydavid 



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