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Team [ROO] - Wanna Join?

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Team [ROO]

Team [ROO] is an established community of English-speaking players from all around the world. We are a PvE-oriented team that also dabbles in the PvP side of things. Our veteran players are well-versed and knowledgeable about many aspects of PokeMMO, including but not limited to: shiny hunting, PvP, breeding, berry farming, money making, and more!


- What We Offer -

We provide many activities for members, and always have events planned with rewards and prizes!

ddlq2im-15a4b757-844d-448b-9e23-f58360c27ed6.gif.c98c27b6ad6e32678dbbe26150cdacd1.gifani_mdrt_115_mf.gifUnique Shiny Hunts, Team Events (PvE & PvP), contests, and raffles
ani_mdrt_115_mf.gifFree Shiny Links and regularly updated Team Shiny Showcase
ani_mdrt_115_mf.gifAlpha, Swarm, and Pheno Alerts
ani_mdrt_115_mf.gifActive on forums, team chat, and Discord!
ani_mdrt_115_mf.gifFriendly and Helpful Community of Pokemon lovers
ani_mdrt_115_mf.gifDirect Access to an informative Guide section for Halloween, Lunar New Year, Christmas, Anniversary events, and more!

- Prerequisites -
● Completion of at least 4 regions

● 350+ hours in-game (recommended)

● Know how to use team chat in-game!
● Own a Discord account
● Own a PokeMMO Forums Account
● Be friendly and social! We prioritize those who are eager to engage with the community:
We believe in the power of collaboration and active participation. Team ROO thrives because of individuals who are passionate about contributing, sharing ideas, and making our community better for everyone.

- Application -
Please answer these questions in the comment section below
1. What is your IGN? (In-game-name)
2. What do you enjoy doing in PokeMMO?
3. How many in game hours do you have?
4. Why do you want to join Team [ROO]?

- Staff List -


Co - Leaders - @Brimcatcher
Commander - @Blurpayy @Merdovic @kentre999 @Farbarbalu

~ If you have any questions feel free to message us about it! ~
Discord: farbarbalu; .boii; brick9479
IGN: @Farbarbalu  @Appable @Brimcatcher

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  • TeamROO changed the title to Team [ROO] - Wanna Join?

1)My IGN is "ProfFranca"

2)First I played like a Casual player,then after completing all the regions i got bored.Then I plan to farm and buy some charms,Donator status for shunting my First shiny.After that after 370hr+ dry I got my Shiny Metapod and that inspired me to shiny hunt everyday.

3)My Ingame hr is 456 were i started to play from 04-03-2024.

4)I always want to be a Team rocket grunt who always involves in a team mission and stay till end and making our boss proud(Lol).So yeah! 



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1. What is your IGN?

2. What do you enjoy doing in PokeMMO?

Hunting rare and/or shiny pokemon. Also a little of Doubles PvP
3. How many in game hours do you have?

4. Why do you want to join Team [ROO]?

I'm actually an ex-member of the team who have returned to the game for over a month now. I loved being part of the team and now that I'm back I really would love to re-join!



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1. My IGN is ''ClumsySlime''.


2. The thing I enjoy the most in pokemmo is shiny hunting for sure, I love the odds of encountering a shiny being 1/30k it makes it so much more meaningful. I currently own 7 ot shinies and cannot wait to get more.


3. As of now, I have 807 hours on Pokemmo.


4. I want to join Team [ROO] because I want a community of people that I can share my love of shiny hunting with, any hobby gets better when you do it with people who love it as much as you do (and also I own a team rocket outfit so yeah...).

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1. IGN - envoyz


2. What I enjoy the most is shiny hunting. 1/30k odds is not for the weak. Knowing many people are grinding for their shiny alongside you makes it all worthwhile.


3. I currently have 630 hours played.


4. I want to join Team [ROO] because after coming across "Team ROO's May Shiny Recap " it emphasizes how being in a team makes the game way more enjoyable than it already is. Congratulating others on accomplishing what they've been working on in the game is awesome. Team [ROO] resembles a great community, and I would love to contribute.

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2)getting shinies and money making
4)I now a lot about the game, but I don't know anyone who plays, so it would be nice to be part of a community. I love shiny hunting with other people too and sharing links among the team

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1) IGN- MikeShaw

2) I like to shiny hunt any pokemon and make money and berry farming 

3) I have played 631 hours

4) I have never been part of a team before and from Team Rocket's Videos it looks fun to be part of!

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1. What is your IGN? (In-game-name)
IGN : Apidaaa
2. What do you enjoy doing in PokeMMO?
PVE!, building my fav pokemons, and became interested to shunt after getting my 1st shiny mon(wooper) 
3. How many in game hours do you have?
i have played 285 hours
4. Why do you want to join Team [ROO]?
im playing alone all that time. relying on the internet for the knowledge of the game, and i think having a team would be great for having more fun. and so i found this recruitment seems like a great team!

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1. What is your IGN? (In-game-name)

IGN: Chaero
2. What do you enjoy doing in PokeMMO?

Working on pokedex and exploring money making
3. How many in game hours do you have?

270 and I have an alt with 50 hours
4. Why do you want to join Team [ROO]?

Having a team would be fun and I want to play with the community more

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1. What is your IGN? (In-game-name)



2. What do you enjoy doing in PokeMMO?

=I love to play Pokemon so I recently find out there is game called pokemmo.that allowed you to play with friends and more then 5 region.with that I also love to hunt shiny


3. How many in game hours do you have?

=46(new account with all knowledge of PokeMMO)


4. Why do you want to join Team [ROO]?

= I want a active team to play with other and want to hunt with friends.


please add me to team


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1. What is your IGN? (In-game-name) Throety
2. What do you enjoy doing in PokeMMO? Competitive team building
3. How many in game hours do you have? 60
4. Why do you want to join Team [ROO]? Never been a part of a team before.

5. I do have all regions finished, all elite 4 beaten.

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