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Decided to try out Pokémmo after looking for a more customizable and immersive Pokémon experience. (If possible)


I was wondering if anyone fancied adventuring with me by roleplaying and taking our time going through the games with our Pokémon?


We can talk about the specifics, but think about nicknaming and giving your Pokémon and you a bit of a personality. We can take rests along the way, and real life will always come first.


I don't really give a damn about stats, competitive battling, or shiny hunting. I'm all about the adventure and bonding!


Hope I can find some like-minded individuals on here who'd be interested in trying this out and immersing themselves in the Pokémon world.


If it doesn't work, it doesn't work, but you don't know until you try!


Would love to meet some other newcomers and roleplayers, and your thoughts on this idea. 😊


Thank you!

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