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[OUPL] Semifinals

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Relevant Links:

Team Standings & Player Records



  • Screenshots of the LC matchups are highly encouraged to be shared in the Discord thread.


image.png.bba08812d3a57044059ff91580350534.pngVS image.png.8b25a76a927f0cfe5edf236e7fc51d44.png
The Rolling Miltanks (6) vs (0) Galladiators 

BO3 OU: Pablobacas vs enchanteur (Game 1/Game 2)

OU1: OU vs Elvessss (No replay avaliable)
OU2: OliverXL vs Whated (Replay)
OU3: Biramontes vs CHUCKunso (Replay)

LC OU: TheDH vs xSparkie (Replay)

BO3 DPP: Gunthug vs Skylux (Game 1/Game 2)

image.png.2faed945a70f5148b43a85c2aa3fee11.pngVS Mienshao.png.a5a7205b11ba6161ae92a828a7a4196b.png

                                                Bullet Seed Battalion (4) vs (2) Crit Fishing Mienshao's

BO3 OU: SweeTforU vs Queest (Game 1/Game 2/Game 3)

OU1: Zokuru vs ZireaelCiri (Replay)
OU2: XxArcheopsHeadz (HitmonleeFights) vs ForFour (Replay)
OU3: Lunarck vs Sembazuru (LoveChizuru) (Replay)

LC OU: Smadagos vs Toukiw (Replay)

BO3 DPP: NikhilR vs scpseptember (Game 1/Game 2/Game 3)




Deadline: Sunday 14th July, 23:59 GMT.

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