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Question about shiny lock (I PROMISE ITS NOT STUPID)

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Okay so im the weird type of guy to want a shiny on his second character
I've already completed ALL 5 regions on my  main, and i made another character under the same account, can i bypass the shiny lock in that second character?

Novenger is my main, HumbleFisher is my alt, can i get a shiny on humblefisher without doing the whole region? (i have 6 badges in it currently)

Please provide me with a clear answer, and ty

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Hi weird type guy. If I understand correctly, the lock system is applied per character, so your main character will not bypass the shiny lock to your alt. Even though they said that the lock is only happen if a character isn't making any story progress and stays on early route for an excessive amount of time, you may still want to complete the region just to be safe. CMMIW ;d

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