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Common Donation Issues and Questions

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Question: I am missing Reward Points after my payment has been charged. What do I do?




PokeMMO uses a 3rd-party payment processor named Xsolla to process donations automatically. We require you to contact Xsolla Support to resolve your missing reward points.


To do this,


Step 1.  Open your Get More Reward Points link at the Bottom Right of the Gift Shop window:




Step 2.  Contact Xsolla Technical Support through the Contact Us button at the Bottom Left








Step 3.  Create a Support ticket with your Contact Information, Transaction ID, and a brief description of your problem.

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Question: After purchasing Donator Status in-game, there is no indication that it is active. How do I check my remaining duration?




Donator Status Tickets are an item which is deposited to your Bag after purchase. You can find it under the Miscellaneous category:





To activate it, left click on the item and press 'Use'. "Donator Status active" will display in the upper left corner of the HUD while the effect is active on your account.


To view the remaining duration, hover your mouse over the "Donator Status active" indicator.

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