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    Changelog: 28/04/2023

    Changelog: 29/04/2023 Bug Fixes Fixed several client crashes and various UI issues Fixed a regression where Encore would end sooner than intended Fixed an exploit which could result in some types of items being duplicated in wild encounters Some classes of items can no longer be held by party members. When moving a monster to your party, you may see a message indicating you gained an item if it's now restricted Fixed an issue where unregistering participants in a Battle Box wouldn't work correctly Fixed a regression where held items in-battle wouldn't always respond correctly to HP changes (e.g. Sitrus Berry) Fixed a regression where Ghost-type Curse in single battles wouldn't function
  2. Features PC UI Refresh The PC UI has been refreshed to better accommodate players on mobile platforms and add new inventory management features: Box name lengths can now be up to 20 characters Boxes can be rearranged by dragging their position Boxes can now be automatically sorted based on various criteria Added a "Show Items" toggle for easy held item viewing Players can now multi-select various entries to move them to new positions or change their box PC Box settings are now saved across mobile / desktop platforms Note: Because PC Box settings are now saved to the server, previous client-side box settings have been reset to default Added various additional filters under the Advanced Search menu for the PC and GTL Multiple items can now be taken from the PC at the same time during multi-selection The maximum PC Expansion Drive count has been increased from 10 to 14 Gen9-1 Move Updates Movepools have been adjusted to reflect Gen9-1 (Scarlet/Violet) move changes. New move are listed below; Note: This changeset also fixes missing moves from some Gen7 sources. Additional changes for levelup moves also occurred in this update. Snowscape has replaced Hail Snow is a battle effect which increases an Ice-type's Defense by 50% for the duration of the snowstorm. Snow lasts 5 turns, or 8 turns if extended by Icy Rock Charge now remains active until the next Electric-type move is used. Ally Switch may now fail if used consecutively This move uses the same failure percentages as Protect, but is counted separately. See below in the Balancing section for details of Protect's changes. Gallade's secondary ability is now Sharpness Sharpness boosts the power of slicing moves by 50%. Moves which are boosted by this ability are noted in their tooltip description. Protean now only activates once per switch-out TM Additions Various tutor moves have been changed to TMs. The following moves were affected: Mud-Slap, Psybeam, Confuse Ray, Poison Tail, Metal Claw, Swift, Icy Wind, Air Cutter, Night Shade, Foul Play, Seed Bomb, Iron Head, Gunk Shot, Iron Defense, Drill Run, Trick, Tailwind, Hyper Voice, Heat Wave, Earth Power, Outrage, Draco Meteor, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, ThunderPunch, Zen Headbutt, Helping Hand, Low Kick, Acid Spray, Headbutt, Selfdestruct, Superpower Other Features Players can now manage their whisper blocking settings in the Settings -> Other menu The /dnd user command has been removed Added a search bar for tiering displays Added another skin tone for players For player-to-player trades, a recent transaction summary can now be found in the Global Trade Link's "Trade Log" tab Balancing Protect's failure percentage has been updated to Gen6+ behavior Success odds are multiplied by 1/3rd for each consecutive use. For example, Protect's success odds will be reduced from 100% -> 33.3% -> 11.1% -> 3.6% for 4 consecutive uses. Previously this move abided by Gen3 rules, where the minimum value was a 1/8th chance of success. Team Preview now shows gender of the opponents Gracidea can no longer be harvested into seeds or crushed into Berry Powder Gracidea's sell price has been updated from $100 to $250 Gracidea's yield has been reduced from 4~6 to 3~6 Bug Fixes Fixed various client crashes Fixed various issues with Macho Brace / EXP Splitter interaction. Fixed an issue where controller inputs would not be mapped correctly if there was no keyboard key bound to a function Fixed an issue where, when reconnecting while interacting with a Mart, the client could become stuck Added an animation for egg hatching Extra animations can be turned off in the Settings menu Fixed an issue where duplicate entries for Lures would show up in the Dex for certain entries (e.g. Crobat) Fixed an issue where Magic Room would cause a targeting error in-battle when it ended Fixed an issue where, when using Elixirs in battle, a message would play stating it had no effect Fixed Natural Gift typing shown in various UIs When an item is held, the type of this move will now be updated to reflect the move type, if any. When no berry is held, typing is now considered "???" and will show no label. Fixed an issue where Wide Guard / Quick Guard increased Protect-type moves' failure percentage if they failed to be used Fixed an issue where, if a player used a Repel while a Lure was very close to ending, they could be spammed with many messages about lures wearing off Players can no longer unbind essential hotkeys (A/B/Up/Down/Left/Right) Multiple Gracidea can now be used at once Fixed Curse/Protean's interaction Curse is now targetable in double battles Chatter is no longer blacklisted by Me First Encore can no longer call Sleep Talk Sleep Talk can no longer call Nature Power or Chatter Mimic can no longer call Metronome, Mirror Move, Transform, Struggle, Sleep Talk, Nature Power, Assist, Me First, Copycat, Chatter, or Fling Fixed an issue where Encore's targeting behavior could fail if the user-selected move was not the same as the encored move Fixed an issue where Encore's turn count would be shortened by 1 if used after the target already moved Fixed an issue where Sap Sipper would not suppress secondary stat drop effects of moves such as Leaf Storm Fixed an issue where, if logging out while placing a decoration item in Secret Bases, the client would pretend it's still placing an item upon reconnecting Fixed an issue where Fancy Butterfly Wings' lighting effects wouldn't work properly in GBA regions Fixed an issue where Skill Swap would cause abilities to be activated if it failed to be used Transform now affects the weight of the user Fixed an issue where a Golduck Alpha Swarm in Unova would not be interactable Magic Room now negates Choice item selections Fixed an issue where, when fainting a wild encounter with Sticky Barb with a contact move, the item would not be retained Fixed an issue where, when using Trick against an opponent which had the same Choice item, it would lock the move selection after usage Rules for held item retention against wild encounters have been standardized Previously, held item retention was implemented differently per-move. This led to different behavior depending on what move was used, such as how Trick would never allow held items to be obtained from wild encounters. In general, players are now able to retain a wild encounter's held item as expected if their original held item was destroyed (through consumption or Fling), if they captured the opponent, or if they had no held item at the start of the battle. Wild held items are not retained if the player would have destroyed an Untossable item, or a permanent, non-consumable battle item (such as a Choice Band) Sweet Scent is now used immediately after being prompted to refresh it with a PP item Fixed Trick's message broadcast order Fixed an issue where swapping positions of a party member in a battle box would eat the entry for the target slot Fixed an issue where Darmanitan, while in Zen Mode, would incorrectly use base stats instead of calculated stats for damage calculations Fixed a targeting error which would occur if Rattled was activated by Intimidate The Alpha dex now properly shows Glameow / Lillipup evolution lines (released in LNY 2023) Special Notes Items which were marked with the tag "This item is event-bound. It will become untradeable after this seasonal event is over, and will be deleted at a later date." have been deleted in this maintenance period. This pruning will occur automatically for future events. HeartGold/SoulSilver support is still in-progress. We expect to announce a public test server event for it Soon™
  3. The rules for multi-boxing are intentionally vague because how much discretion GMs give depends on the activity. The question asked when we enforce these rules is "Is this player making the game worse by using multiple accounts?" In general: Players in staff-run events are forbade from multi-accounting and will be disqualified if found. Players in staff-run PvP are forbade from multi-accounting or account sharing and are disqualified, and potentially tempbanned, if found. Players in PvE coop events aren't forbade from multi-accounting at this time, but may be automatically disqualified from rewards depending on the type of event. Players in automated matchmaking PvP aren't forbade from entering the matchmaking pool with multiple accounts. Accounts which play the same other accounts multiple times are restricted from receiving rewards over time, or may not be matched together at all. Players who are shiny hunting on a few accounts are probably going to be ignored, but if you're doing it across 5+, we'll probably just terminate all of your accounts. If you're asking whether there is a passive nerf to their rates, the answer is no. We'd rather just close your account entirely. But, all of this depends on if we believe that you're playing legitimately and not impacting the game too severely. For example; Using automation software to control multiple characters simultaneously, or multiple virtual machines, will get them all closed no matter how many you're playing; and If you're being obnoxious and registering a bunch of characters to inflate the chances of fighting your own characters in matchmaking, we'll also terminate all of them.
  4. A hotfix was deployed earlier today which reduced Gracidea's sell price. No other content changes occurred for this update.
  5. Sorry, but PowerPC support is not within the scope of this project. The support matrix for our underlying desktop-client libraries is limited to:
  6. The issue where fully disconnecting left players with no rewards was a bug and has been resolved. I'm not sure what you're meaning with disconnecting / reconnecting. Players can reconnect into the event if they re-log within a few minutes.
  7. Thanks, this is fixed now. For players who got the wrong item, you can go visit Floaroma again and get a bundle of Gracidea.
  8. When Shaymin is captured, the dead flowers from the Alphas are converted into Gracidea. They can be planted like berries to multiply them. There's also an NPC in Floaroma Town which will give you one if you have Shaymin in your party. At the moment, nature herbs are obtained randomly from Gracidea plants when they're harvested. We plan on making them easier to plant later when they're more relevant, but right now the items are only usable on Shaymin/Unown. There's an herb specific to each nature. There's 3 every 20 minutes, and you can get a small amount from the coop instance if you defeat enough Nians. The tablets share cooldowns across all regions so that players who only have one region unlocked can still get them. I'd guess you're switching regions after claiming them all, and that's why they're not showing up.
  9. Congratulations to the first players who have captured Shaymin. We hope you enjoyed the surprise. We didn't have time to add an indicator for its rarity but note that it'll come back during next year's event too. I'm sure some people are curious about Sky Forme Shaymin, but we declined to implement it at this time since it always ends up in Ubers. We might find some use for it later in special instances.


    Sorry the event was late again. CNY being so early this year made it a difficult one. I'm looking forward to being able to refocus on Johto, personally.


    We also fixed a scaling problem with the Lucky Envelopes earlier today. Previously it was only counting them if you made it to Hard difficulty. Now it'll count +1..2..3 for each Nian >= 3. Normal envelopes were increased slightly too since they were too low.


    新年好, and thanks for playing.

  10. Features Lunar New Year 2023 Lunar New Year has returned to PokeMMO! A fortune teller has appeared in Celadon City, Slateport City, Hearthome City, and Nacrene City seeking assistance for the new year. Abundant Shrine is a 2-4 player co-op mission. Defeat as many enemies as possible and may good fortune shine upon you. This instance is eligible for event matchmaking. Players who sign up solo will be automatically matched with other players from their language code or region. This coop event will be available from January 23rd until February 6th 00:00-UTC+0 Players will have 1 day to finalize any runs after entering the instance. Any active instances will automatically end when the seasonal event ends, on February 7th 00:00-UTC+0. Zodiac Tablets have been spotted throughout the world. They seem to be related to mysterious pillars of light which have popped up in certain areas.. Swarms have become more frequent for this event! Keep an eye out for new Alpha Swarms and Holiday Swarms featuring rare species. Lunar New Year 2023 features a leaderboard with an exclusive vanity item for the Top 50 teams, the Nian Hood. In addition to the Nian Hood, the #1 team will receive an exclusive vanity item: the Shiny Nian Hood Gift Shop The Green & Red Harvest Crowns & Unity Capes are now available for a limited time The Golden Rabbit Mask is now available for a limited time Seasonal Firework Particles have returned for Lunar New Year 2023 Seasonal Shiny Charms (+10%) have returned for Lunar New Year 2023 Balancing Base PP for Recover, Softboiled, Rest, Milk Drink, Slack Off, Roost, and Heal Order have been reduced to 5. (PvE) Struggle's recoil will now scale up after each consecutive use If 6 consecutive Struggles are used, the party member will now automatically faint due to exhaustion when a battle starts, until it's healed at a PC Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where, if an attacker with Infiltrator switched out after it used Future Sight, it wouldn't bypass Light Screen Fixed an issue where, if a party member was Encored and had their move Disabled, Encore would last longer than intended Fixed several client crashes Fixed an issue where the Exp. Reamplifier would stack with Macho Brace Fixed an issue where chat bubbles of the active player wouldn't only show blank dialogue
  11. Congratulations to the winners of the Xmas 2022 Leaderboard: Prizes for the Top 50 teams will be sent out on January 6th at 12:00am UTC+0. For those who posted multiple high scores, please note that you will only receive a reward for the highest score you posted.
  12. "It's always Christmas in our hearts" Edition Xmas PokeMMO's Holiday Special 2022 PokeMMO's Xmas Holiday-themed Event has returned for 2022! Santa Holiday Man is seeking assistance from players to help quell the Elfbot Rebellion. Find him in: Castelia City Vermilion City Slateport City Hearthome City Twist Mountain is a coop event designed for 2-4 players. Each player brings 4 party members, defeating as many enemies as possible together. The longer you last, the more prizes you get. Earn Xmas Presents and Holiday Man's Presents containing exclusive rewards for PokeMMO's Holiday Special 2022. Players who achieve Hard-mode difficulty inside the instance can receive special Secret Prizes. The Top 50 players on the Highscore Board will receive an exclusive at the end of the event: the Starlight Bobble Hat Lost Presents have been spotted throughout the world. Collect them all for a chance to befriend a special Holiday Alpha! Swarms have become more frequent for this event! Keep an eye out for new Alpha Swarms and Holiday Swarms featuring rare species. PokeMMO's Holiday Special will end on January 5th, 2023 12:00AM UTC+0. Players will have 1 day to finish any ongoing instances, and the high score board will be finalized on January 6th, 2023 at 12:00AM UTC+0. After the high score board is finalized, players will be automatically mailed their prizes. Features Lures Lures are special items which attract more foes in the overworld. They're effective up to 250 steps and are available in all Marts after Badge 2 of your character's region. These items increase encounter rates slightly, only attract foes which are stronger than the normal foes in the area, and allow you to encounter more foes at the same time. Some species are now Lure-exclusive encounters. These are: Starters, Togepi, and Rotom species trees. Consult the Dex for where to find these species, and other rare encounters. Gift Shop Several new Limited items have been introduced during this event: Glistening Blue & Purple Wings are now available for a limited time Legendary Blue & Purple Robes are now available for a limited time The Thick Winter Coat has been released. This seasonal item is available for a short period, and will return next year In addition to these Holiday-themed items, some new permanent gift shop additions have been introduced: The EXP Reamplifier is an item which splits experience and EVs among all healthy party members. This account-bound item has infinite use and may be toggled on or off at any time while out of battle. See the description in the Gift Shop for more details. Premium Lures are a class of Lure. These items are slightly more effective and last slightly longer than normal Lures found in Marts. See the description in the Gift Shop for more details. Bug Fixes Fixed some bugs, and made some more.
  13. The event has been extended by 1 day due to the boss being temporarily disabled while we fixed several critical issues. Boss fights will now end on November 9th 11:59pm UTC+0. The turn-in period for any extra candy will now end on November 11th 11:59pm UTC+0.
  14. Halloween 2022 PokeMMO's Halloween Event has returned for 2022! Beat up children and steal their candy! Defeat the Spirits of Halloween and steal theirs too! Feed it to the pumpkin to win a prize. Swarms have become more frequent for this event! Keep an eye out for new Alpha Swarms. Mysterious Wisps have been spotted around the world. Collect them all and capture special seasonal Halloween Alphas! Special ghosts may also be found with their Hidden Ability unlocked. Challenge Pumpking for a fight over 11 new vanity items, with 2 Ultra Rares. Hard Mode winners also get an exclusive particle for their teammates. The boss can be found near Lavender Town, Fallarbor Town, Solaceon Town, and Driftveil City. The Halloween Event ends on November 9th at 11:59pm UTC+0. Players will have a 2-day turn-in period to return any unspent candy after the main event's over. Gift Shop Green & Purple Cthulhu Masks are now for sale for a limited time Shiny Charms have returned for Halloween 2022 Ghostly Hats & the Hex Cloak Seasonal Items have returned for Halloween The Black Cat Particle Effect has returned for Halloween Bug Fixes Improved server performance during very high load periods Various minor client fixes Notes Players who held Special Candy and Spooky Candy from last year's event have had their items removed during this maintenance. Players who held Special Candy have been reimbursed $75,000 each, the approximate market rate at time of posting. Special Candy will automatically become untradeable after this event ends.
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      Release the event today, so we can play on the weekend 🙂

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      play mmo 3years but my first Halloween🥳

  16. Don't worry. The tooltip's wrong, but nobody's actually right. It shouldn't be applying the 0.3x in the first turn, so it should actually be 11 turns to maximum effectiveness. Edit: It was actually starting at 1.6x. Woops
  17. Changelog: 20/10/2022 Balancing Endeavor no longer works against Alpha minibosses Timer Ball's price has been increased from $800 to $1,200 Alpha Swarm durations have been increased from 60 minutes to 75 minutes When fleeing from an Alpha miniboss, a 2 minute penalty for respawning now occurs Note, this penalty does not occur if you white out Changes Improved behavior for automated channel swaps during very high load times Previously, the game server would automatically switch players' channels under very high load conditions very often. This change allows a moderate overflow to channel capacity to prevent unnecessary changes (until an excess channel is closed automatically) Bug Fixes Fixed Gender ratio calculation for Alpha minibosses Fixed an issue where secondary spawns in Alpha Swarms did not have appropriate IVs for Shinies Fixed stat stage copying for Transform / Imposter Notes While this update improves in-game channel behavior, the game is still running at maximum capacity during high load times due to the popularity of the alpha swarm feature. Please note that players with active Donator Status automatically skip queues and receive privilege when logging in during high player volume times. This is not a new feature, but it's not normally relevant.
  18. This is correct. The game is running at absolute max capacity at the moment. Large queues cost memory and take up resources which can be used by players who are actually playing, so we just reject login requests if there are too many in the queue to ensure the gameplay is stable. This is an unusually high amount of players due to the new features, but if the demand continues after a few days we'll look for areas to improve.
  19. Due to this patch's economic changes, GTL listings for these items were cancelled during the server maintenance to prevent auction sniping: Brown and Grey Werewolf Masks All Shinies / Secret Shinies
  20. The prices that the NPC offers scales depending on the effective rarity of the shiny you offer him. This means the most common species like Pidgeys will see a reward of 4 Pearls, and the most rare species like Shedinja will have a reward of 28. The vast majority of species will pay out 4 - 12, but if you want to liquidate something very, very rare for Pearls, we need to offer an appropriate price. I'll note also that this is the base value of the reward. Certain multipliers come into effect for Shiny Alphas and Secret Shinies if you decide you want to turn those into Pearls too. We don't expect players to actually be regularly liquidating their Secret Shiny Shedinjas. The feature is tailored to cleaning up the amount of very cheap and worthless shinies. But, we do need to make sure that if the player offers something ridiculously rare that we give them a ridiculous price in exchange. "Super rarely" isn't really true. Currently it's scheduled to be 1 per in-game day, which is 4 alpha swarms per real day. With this update we're releasing ~60 unique species trees' HAs via alphas. Most competitive players have multiple competitive pokemon which they would otherwise need to rebreed as the metagame shifts, so the system's scaled with that in mind.
  21. No. Only the alphas from the event were shiny-locked.
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