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  1. App Stores may automatically update the game without your knowledge (e.g. our Linux packaging) Some components of the game client, e.g. translations, may be automatically updated on application start without prompting in the future. This notifies you about it Players may not understand the concept of updates and how they're applied. Presumably, if they launch the application, they want to play the game, and this disclaims what's required if we're fulfilling that request Note the language which states game client, not game. This does not pertain to server-side content changes
  2. Tough luck mate, I've already sold your info to Temu (Shop Like A Billionaire®). Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be able to resist the sweet deals (up to 70% off retail prices this Fall/Winter??). Though, can you really afford to lose out on Temu™'s 90-day return policy and free shipping on orders over $39?
  3. We do not have access to your internet browser history. We don't want to, either. I have no idea how you came to that conclusion. This is a legal document which means it suffers from advanced vocabulary and isn't easy to understand. The purpose of this document is to lay out our relationship for lawyers. To put it in plain English; We store your connection history for as long as we need to We store UIDs for your hardware for authentication We don't share anything with anyone other than what's critical for ongoing operations (i.e. Ourselves / subcontractors / government agencies when they phone me up looking for a good time) An easier document to read is the Privacy Policy, which spells out what exactly we collect and what we do with it (i.e. nothing). You can find it here: https://pokemmo.com/en/privacy_policy/
  4. For those complaining about the 'insane grind': Yes, that was a problem, that's why it was reduced. We copied the numbers without really thinking about it from Christmas, and that was our mistake. It should have been reduced a few days ago, but the major issues from this update took several days longer than expected to fix, and that pushed back any further development for the event itself. For those complaining about 'compensation': Sorry, but no. Your reward is more cherish balls, which you already got. For those complaining about how it's not good enough: Yep, I agree, but we were constrained for time due to the aforementioned issues. Unfortunately this event's development went on too long and we started running into scheduling conflicts, so we pushed what we had. It'll be better next year. For those complaining about Male/Female costume splits: We'll make a female-oriented one next year, but one of the core design decisions here is trying to make all clothing wearable by both character genders. This is how the game's always been. Since our artists' "bandwidth" is limited around events, that lends to costumes which try to look good for both genders.
  5. Changelog: 22/02/2024 Lunar New Year 2024 Zodiac Masters have been spotted nearby Raid Dens. The Masters are seeking the Zodiac Tablets handed out by the old woman curtailing the unruly swarms. Defeat all 12 to receive an exclusive event reward Bug Fixes When used against raid bosses, Curse and Leech Seed will now wear off after a few turns Fixed an issue where Flame Burst's adjacent-targeted damage would affected bosses more than intended Fixed an issue where, when using the advanced search menu of the PC or GTL, input keys would take priority over text input Notes The amount of turn-ins required to receive a tablet from the old woman has been reduced from 40 to 24
  6. Your friend was banned because he bought $10M gold from an RMT vendor on February 5th (he promptly spent it on 2 comps and a bunch of Mysterious Balls from the Christmas event). I guess, technically, that's not an item Don't buy gold and you won't have any problems 👍
  7. Changelog: 21/02/2024 Balancing When challenging raid dens, unique evolution line / unique item clauses are now enforced Bug Fixes Fixed various issues which could cause battles to display targeting errors or incorrect state data for party members Android: Fixed an issue where the game would not start on older Android devices using TEGRA processors Fixed an issue where TMs introduced in the Lunar New Year 2024 update wouldn't have icons Fixed an issue where, when forfeiting a raid while you were not the last party member, the data displayed by the game client would not update correctly Fixed an issue where raids could end prematurely if the first participant's party fainted Pending actions can now be displayed for NPC coop partners Fixed an issue where some battle frontier facilities would cause a deadlock when starting after the Lunar New Year 2024 update Fixed an issue where keyboard / gamepad controls would not work properly in horde battle targeting selection Fixed an issue where warning prompts would not display when attempting to flee from Shiny encounters Fixed an issue where Ho-Oh could faint in its first phase immediately if certain types of residual damage were applied
  8. These moves were fixed in the 16/02/2024 supplementary update. Their usage has been re-enabled
  9. Changelog: 16/02/2024 Features Added shortcuts for gyms with long puzzles for their rematches in Johto, Sinnoh, and Unova Bug Fixes Fixed several client crashes Fixed a regression which caused auction filters to stop working Fixed an issue where really big marts would show less items than intended Fixed an issue where normal triple-battle bosses would apply raid boss damage caps Fixed an issue where Reflect / Light Screen had double their normal damage reduction Fixed an issue where Horde Battles' battle UI would be displayed incorrectly Fixed an issue where the PC UI could display the "+" button in an odd place Fixed an issue where colors could pretend to be selected in the Makeover NPC's UI Fixed an issue where you couldn't turn off battle particles for monsters Fixed an issue where characters, when being created, couldn't select Bald as a hairstyle Notes We're aware of an issue with the battle UI which causes desynchronized data to be displayed for HP values and slot positioning. This will be resolved in the next game update
  10. Features Lunar New Year 2024 Lunar New Year has returned to PokeMMO! This event will be available from February 14th until February 29th 00:00-UTC+0 Abundant Shrine A fortune teller has appeared in Celadon City, Slateport City, Hearthome City, Ecruteak City, and Nacrene City seeking assistance for the new year. Abundant Shrine is a 4 player co-op mission. Defeat as many enemies as possible and may good fortune shine upon you. This instance is eligible for event matchmaking. Players who sign up by themselves will be matched with other players in their language. Swarms have become more frequent for this event! Keep an eye out for Zodiac-themed Swarms featuring rare species. Abundant Shrine features a leaderboard with an exclusive vanity item for the Top 50 teams, the Nian Hood. In addition to the Nian Hood, the #1 team will receive an exclusive vanity item: the Shiny Nian Hood New Year Swarms To the lament of the festival celebrants, swarms have become more common for this event. An Old Woman nearby the Shrine Maiden has taken it upon herself to tame the unruly monsters with your help. Bring them to her to claim Mysterious Cherish Balls. Rumor has it she has a large family traveling to see her soon. Raid Battles Preview raidpromosmall.webm Raid battles are 4-player co-op battles. Challenge and defeat all 12 Zodiac Raids before this event ends to capture Shaymin Raid Dens have been spotted in all regions. It seems they're becoming more active over time. Limited-time Items The Red & Gold Lucky Dragon mounts are now available for a limited time Gen 9-3 Move Changes Endeavor, Pain Split, Feather Dance, Metal Sound, and Electroweb are now available as TMs Movesets have been updated for Gen 9-3: Character Customization Changes The Makeover Kit and Genderswap Ticket have been removed from the game Players who still had a Makeover Kit on their character have been credited with a 500RP voucher Players who still had a Genderswap Ticket have been credited with 8x 100RP vouchers Players can now talk with a Stylist in each Mart to change their basic hair, eyes, and facial hair Basic clothing can now be purchased in Marts Mystic Mirrors can be used to change your skin tone and gender Mystic Mirrors are currently found as very rare event drops. These will become more common over time. General All players now have access to an Account PC Account PCs are a special box accessible through the standard PC menu which allows transferring monsters between characters on your account This box doesn't have any fees associated Account PCs can't be used to store Gift monsters or untradeable items Currently, the Account PC can't be expanded. This may change at a later date Players can now store and keep search templates for the GTL When using the Advanced Search menu in the GTL, players now have an option to save their settings as a search template These templates are shared across PC & Mobile platforms Up to 10 templates of each type (Monster & Item searches) can be stored per-character Added a shortcut to the PC for selecting low-value monsters Gift Shop The maximum PC expansions per-character have been increased to 20 Balancing Swords Dance has been readded to the Garchomp line This move is banned in Single-battles PvP at this time Bug Fixes Fixed a lot of bugs, made a lot more Notes Raids are currently in a preview release state for Lunar New Year 2024. Look forward to their full implementation later this year
  11. CNY 2024 will be out within the next few days. We ran into issues which were very time consuming to fix due to some new features.



  12. Commenting here, since the OP also PM'd me complaining about this topic: To expand on this reply, "Pseudo-random" doesn't actually imply anything about the quality of the random numbers generated. Instead, it defines how the randomness pool used by an algorithm came to be (pseudo-random entropy sources), the algorithm used, or could express an RNG which can be replayed with the same seed (pseudo-random number generator). Pseudo-random entropy means that the randomness of a number generator is achieved through software means (i.e. by using the computer's own entropy sources) instead of through a hardware card which reads something which is believed to be truly random (like the background radiation of the universe or electrical noise). Hardware like this is only really necessary when dealing with problems like regulated gaming at casinos, high security applications, or applications where you need a lot of random numbers really fast (like internet certificate authorities). CSPRNG is a class of random number generation which is widely regarded as "secure enough for everything important in your life." It's designed by people much smarter than anyone who makes this game and is what we use for the game's economically-relevant RNG (i.e. your shiny rolls, personality values, IVs, etc.). We figure that if it's good enough to secure your financial accounts, it's good enough to make your shiny rates fair. For implementation-specific concerns, dive into how Linux generates random numbers.
  13. Changelog: 30/12/2023 Xmas 2023: When spawning new event-themed swarms, swarms will now choose a new species every time Mysterious Balls (2023) have been updated with additional species When turning in swarms to Elfbots, after obtaining the Wishing Stone, Elfbots will now issue a random cosmetic item (or set of them) every 60 turn-ins. Players who had more than 280 turn-ins before this update can claim their rewards from the main Elf NPC (where the Wishing Stone was obtained) Bug Fixes: Fixed an issue where Articuno wouldn't be usable in PvP Fixed an issue where, in Co-Op PvE battles, player 1 wouldn't be able to correctly switch monsters Fixed an issue where Trick Room would result in a speed tie for all monsters
  14. Mysterious Balls are also affected by shiny charm / donor status modifiers. They function as a base rate override The system is structured as: -> Pick a base rate. This can be 1/24,000 (current global rate) or ball rate (1/8,000, 1/4,000, or 1/2,500) -> Multiply by donor status rate (0.9 if active, or 1.0 if not) -> Multiply by shiny charm rate (0.9 if active, or 1.0 if not) Which means that you get theoretical maximum odds as: -> 1/19,440 for global rate -> 1/6,480 for Mysterious Poke Ball rates -> 1/3,240 for Mysterious Great/Premier Ball rates -> 1/2,025 for Mysterious Ultra Ball rates
  15. The holiday charm isn't actually a modifier, it's just a base rate override. It sets the base rate for any non-Mysterious Ball encounters to 1/24,000 (30,000 * 20% = 6,000). Charms and active donor status apply their rate adjustments as multiplicative modifiers, such that you have your base rate multiplied by a negative value, like 1/(24000 * 0.9 * 0.9). This means that the maximum theoretical rate is 1/19440 for normal encounters (which is rolled for each monster encountered)
  16. Features Xmas 2023 Season's greetings! A massive icy bird has taken down Santa's sleigh while he was trying to deliver presents for the year! Keep an eye out for it in Kanto. Lost Presents have been scattered all over the world. Recover them and return them to Santa for special prizes, but beware of mimics. Collect them for a chance to befriend Santa's special Alpha Delibird! Santa's favorite workshop helpers have escaped and are swarming in the world! Keep an eye out for Holiday Swarms featuring rare species. Capture them and return them to the nearby Elfbots to receive Mysterious Balls with higher than normal Shiny-rate chances. Holiday magic is in the air, increasing the base Shiny rate of all encounters by +20% for this event. This effect stacks with normal Shiny charms and Donator Status. PokeMMO's Holiday Special will end on January 2nd, 2024 when the in-game timer for the Holiday Charm is completed. Players will have 2 days to turn in any remaining Lost Presents General Multiple accounts can now be stored in the login UI's saved credentials Gift Shop Winter seasonal items are back in stock, including the ever-popular Christmas Sleigh. Check them out before they're gone! Balancing Sharpness' base power modifier has been increased from 40% to 50% for slicing moves Legendary Lures have gained additional effects. They increase normal encounter rates by 15%, increase the levels of monsters encountered in the area to the maximum value + 2, may increase the size of encounters, and have an 8% chance to encounter lure-exclusive species. Bug Fixes Fixed many client crashes Fixed an issue where Download would take into account held items, abilities, and field effects when calculating its boosted stat Confusion damage can no longer activate held item or ability effects, like Weak Armor Fixed an issue where, in battle chat, a hex code may show up instead of colored text after certain moves were used on certain monsters Fixed an issue where, in some maps with low encounter rates, such as those in GBA areas, low-value encounter rate modifiers (like Swarm's +10%) wouldn't be fully effective Mobile: Fixed layout issues with the evolution tree shown in the Dex Fixed an issue where invalid characters could be input into the character deletion prompt when deleting characters Fixed an issue where untradeable Makeover Kits & Genderswap Tickets weren't able to be used Mobile: Fixed an issue where, if the installation of a mod were interrupted, players wouldn't be able to uninstall it without clearing the app's data Fixed an issue where, when entering Phase 2 of Ho-Oh's boss battle, the challenger's negative stat stages would be cleared instead of their positive ones Illusion can no longer target another monster which also has an Illusion target Mobile: Fixed an issue where, when releasing monsters from the PC, an error could occur which selected invalid targets iOS: Fixed an issue where timezones wouldn't render correctly Fixed an issue where eggs could show active particles Fixed an issue where, in coop NPC battles, the battle could get stuck if entering a fight with less than 3 party members available Fixed an issue where Snatch snatching Imprison could cause a battle deadlock Changes Event items which are marked as automatically expiring (such as Spooky Candy, Special Candy, and Anniversary Medallions) are now automatically removed from inventories upon an event's ending Developer Comments While we were looking forward to previewing a new feature for this event, it's still in-development and has been delayed until CNY 2024. Look forward to it then!
  17. The game's already been ported to armhf & arm64 for Linux. For a prepackaged setup, you can visit https://snapcraft.io/pokemmo If you don't want to use snapcraft, you can download OpenJDK 17 for your distro & run the game using the portable client provided on the website.
  18. Changelog: 04/11/2023 Halloween 2023 Pumpcat has been spotted in the overworld, giving out treats to players who have defeated Pumpking's Easy Mode Halloween 2023 Balancing Pumprince now uses Zen Headbutt instead of Shadow Sneak Pumpthief's chance to appear has been reduced to 10% (from 20%) Li'l Pump's chance to appear has been reduced from a maximum of 10% to a maximum of 7.5% Wither can no longer reduce Speed, and may randomly reduce a single stat by 2 stages or two stats by 1 stage Pumpking no longer uses Berserk in its second phase Fever Dreams' sleep application chance now reduces depending on the number of successful procs per cast In easy mode, this scales as a 50>30>0% chance for each affected target In hard mode, this scales as a 50>40>30% chance for each affected target In Easy Mode, Pumpking no longer uses a damage reduction shield for Turn 1 In Easy Mode, Entangling Vines now reapplies after 5 turns instead of 4 In Easy Mode, Grim Harvest now applies 15 flat damage for each affected stat stage Cat Cookie now applies Tailwind as its effect and can not stack with other Tailwind casts General Balancing Players can now Forfeit from boss battles (Ho-Oh, Giratina, Pumpking, etc.) This will function as a whiteout, returning you to a healing center Luvdisc's Heart Scale held item rate has been increased from 12% to 15% Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where roaming legendary capture history wouldn't clear correctly when months changed Fixed an issue where, when Aromatherapy/Heal Bell were used, they would only clear adjacent allies' status ailments if the ally was on the field Fixed an issue where Transform would not copy overridden elemental types (such as by Soak or Reflect Type) Fixed an issue where Grim Harvest would heal based on Pumpking's stat stages Fixed several issues related to the Pumpking fight's broadcasting and handling of battle held items while changing phases Fixed an issue where, if a player's battle action was rejected by the server during multi-battles, the previously queued actions would not be cleared correctly Fixed an issue where bosses, when their stat stages were cleared by moves like Haze or items of similar effect, bosses would still "shrug off" their previous stat drops later on Fixed an issue where White Herb would clear all stat stages instead of just stat downs Fixed a regression where, after PvP, held items would not automatically re-equip from the bag Fixed an issue where Phantom & Shiny Phantom, if played at the same time, would play the wrong particle Fixed Wiki Berry's item subcategory in the Bag Fixed an issue where particle summaries in the monster summary frame would display item restriction text Fixed an issue where Goodie Bags would display text for 2022's items Berries which can't be used in-battle are no longer shown in the Bag during battle Fixed an issue where the Wisp tracking window would not relieve window focus correctly when pressing A Ghastly Vision can no longer be interrupted by Taunt Changes Players with extremely full mailboxes will no longer be able to make GTL purchases without being at a PC in-game This limit is currently 3,000 messages. This limit will become more restrictive over time.
  19. Hi, We confirmed that your game account was closed in error. Your game account has been reopened and we're very sorry for the inconvenience.
  20. 中国用户,请访问此链接 Features Halloween 2023 PokeMMO's Halloween Event has returned for 2023! Beat up children and steal their candy! Defeat the Spirits of Halloween and steal theirs too! Feed it to the pumpkin to win a prize. Swarms have become more frequent for this event. Keep an eye out for new Alpha Swarms. Mysterious Wisps have been spotted around the world. Collect them all and capture special seasonal Halloween Alphas! Special ghosts may also be found with their Hidden Ability unlocked. Challenge Pumpking for a fight over his Goodie Bags, containing new vanity items exclusive to 2023. The boss can be found near Lavender Town, Fallarbor Town, Solaceon Town, Driftveil City, and Ecruteak City. The Halloween Event ends on November 12th at 11:59pm UTC+0. Players will have until November 14th at 11:59pm UTC+0 to claim prizes for any unspent candy after the main event's over. Gift Shop The Flaming Motorcycle is now available in the Gift Shop for the Halloween 2023 season The Pumpcat and Trick Kitty are now available in the Gift Shop exclusively for Halloween 2023 These companions feature multiple styles which can be toggled through the Use button Additionally, they feature unique animations when in the overworld: Other Halloween Seasonal items have been extended for the remainder of the event General Features Added an option to hide Ditto from GTL search results Berries are now separated into various categories in the Bag menu Balancing X items are now limited to 2 usages per monster while on the field. Haze effects (those which clear stat stages) will reset this limit Taunt can no longer be applied consecutively against bosses When a boss redirects their move usage via Taunt, they now apply a 1.5x base power modifier True damage (e.g. Psywave) is now halved and capped at 10% max HP against bosses Luvdisc's Heart Scale held item rate has been increased from 8% to 12% When used versus Pumpking: Bat Cookies now cause Reflect and Light Screen to become active on the allied field for 3 turns Broom Cookies now clear stat stage drops on the allied field, clear stat stage ups on the opponent's field, and cloaks the allied field with Mist for 2 turns Trace now attempts to activate whenever a Shift occurs (in Triple Battles), a battle slot is activated (in Rotation Battles), or an opponent swaps in Bosses can no longer be damaged by Rocky Helmet after 3 activations against them Bosses can no longer be damaged by Rough Skin / Iron Barbs after 3 activations against them Bug Fixes iOS: Fixed a crash which could occur with controllers Fixed an issue where Field of Fire would apply to semi-invulnerable targets Fixed an uninteractable Rock Smash rock on Johto's Rt 40 Fixed an issue where Toxic Orb / Flame Orb would broadcast their activation message every turn Fixed an issue where Field of Fire would broadcast its activation even if there were no valid targets PP is no longer healed when using Mooncakes Mooncakes now allow multiple to be used at a time Improved server performance when handling very large amounts of logins occurring at the same time Fixed an issue where, when Liquid Ooze would activate, the message target would be the ability owner instead of the damaged victim Fixed an invisible wall in Johto's Rt 47 Fixed an issue where, if Dry Skin caused damage at the end of a turn, the ability owner's held item would activate before damage was applied Fixed an issue where players could fish off the cliff in Johto's Rt 47 Fixed an issue where White Herb would not activate on an opponent swapping in with Intimidate Fixed an issue where, if a wild monster steals and Flings an item from your party, and the player had another of the item in their bag, they would opt to replace the item with the one in their bag instead of restoring it from the battle Fixed an issue where Trace/Role Play would not update tooltips with the active ability Typing overrides are now shown in battle tooltips Fixed Future Sight / Doom Desire animation playback Fixed an issue where the "Show Affordable" button would show in the PC's Advanced Settings menu Fixed ability description rendering on Chinese/Japanese/Korean platforms When challenging Ho-Oh, Giratina, and Red boss battles, the player's party is now healed on battle start Fixed an overpriced Fluffy Tail entry in Hoenn's marts When Heal Block is applied, it now halts usages of moves which would be affected by it (such as Rest) Sacred Fire☆ can no longer be absorbed by foes Notes Reward Points Vouchers have been delisted from the GTL during this update
  21. Players affected by client tampering closures (and temporary bans) are running software which interferes with the game client. Most of the time this is autoclickers/macroing software. Sometimes it's because they're using a "multi-game" app which allows them to run multiple clients on the same device. You can visit https://pokemmo.com/tampering for more information. Players are instructed to uninstall the software, and provided it's their first offence, will have their tempbans removed. After you filed your ticket and were instructed to remove your macro software, you stopped being kicked for tampering. This was not an error. You haven't been banned, but you may want to visit the above support article before you are.
  22. You were banned because you were cheating on Android between September 30th & October 3rd, shortly after you made your account. We don't always ban people immediately when we find them cheating. Sometimes we wait a few weeks to make sure we get a lot of them at the same time.
  23. Kyu

    Changelog: 19/10/2023

    Due to balancing changes, Water-type Hidden Ability Patches and Heart Scales have been delisted from the GTL for this update. Additionally, previous versions of the changelog forgot to mention that Johto's Gym Leader money rates have been fixed to match other regions.
  24. Look forward to PokeMMO's Halloween event next week(-ish)! 中国用户,请访问此链接 Features Gen 9-2 Move Changes Move additions can be found below: New TMs have been added for Charge, Haze, Spite, Gravity, Knock Off, Bug Bite, Super Fang, Vacuum Wave, and Uproar These items can be purchased in the large TM shop found in each region after their completion Shiftry's second ability is now Wind Rider Wind Rider provides immunity to Wind-based moves, boosting Attack when it absorbs a Wind move or when Tailwind takes effect on the allied field Moves which are absorbed by Wind Rider include Gust, Whirlwind, Blizzard, Icy Wind, Sandstorm, Twister, Heat Wave, Air Cutter, Tailwind, Hurricane. Piplup, Prinplup, and Empoleon's hidden ability is now Competitive Illuminate now prevents Accuracy drops and ignores a target's Evasion NPC trainer builds have been updated for Gen 9-2 Ho-Oh Rematch A more powerful version of Ho-Oh may now be challenged at the top of Bell Tower after a player has defeated the Johto storyline Once defeated, Ho-Oh will drop a bundle of Rainbow Quills and Legendary Lures, increasing the chance to encounter a roaming legendary for a short time. Ho-Oh will disappear for 1 week. The remaining time is shown in the Instance Info widget Red Rematch Red now uses additional rematch teams with special effects Once defeated, Red will disappear for 1 week. The remaining time is shown in the Instance Info widget New iOS Beta General Availability Previously, we released a new iOS Beta as an optional download for testing. This beta is now the standard release. This change improves general performance and stability on iOS. If you experience issues, please report them via https://support.pokemmo.com/ Halloween Seasonals returned to the Gift Shop Ghostly Hats & Hex Cloak Seasonal items have returned for Halloween 2023. Get them while you can! General The Quick Party Summary used in PvP & other item restricted battle modes has received a refresh. It now responds to the current battle's state, representing changed moves, held items, and abilities of your party In PvE battles, consumed held items are now automatically re-equipped after the battle ends if the player has another This change also affects some Battle Frontier instances where, previously, items couldn't be re-equipped at all between fights Balancing Draco Meteor is now enabled for Deino/Zweilous/Hydreigon Sharpness' damage modifier for Slicing moves has been increased from 1.3x to 1.4x The Beldum line's middle and final evolutions (Metang/Metagross) & Starter monsters' middle and final evolutions' catch rates have been reduced slightly This does not change base monsters encountered through Lures Luvdisc's held item chance for Heart Scales has been reduced A Meowth horde in early Kanto was removed The amount of damage dealt by Rough Skin, Iron Barbs, Rocky Helmet, Jaboca Berry, and Rowap Berry against boss monsters has been reduced Aftermath now only activates once per battle per monster Bug Fixes (GameServer) Fixed an issue where, when searching for abilities on the GTL, some recent listings wouldn't show up for a while Fixed several battle crashes which could occur during Ho-Oh's initial fight Fixed an issue where Sandstorm's damage could skip Ho-Oh's phase change during its boss battle Fixed Johto's E4 mart items Fixed an issue where hordes, when lured by Sweet Scent, would not have their odds weighted correctly Previously, all hordes had an equal chance of being encountered. Now, they're weighted as-if the player encountered them through walking Added some Rock Smash rocks to Johto's Rt 40 Fixed an issue where, when a Field of Fire effect is active on a team's field (e.g. through Fire Pledge), its damage could be cancelled for some monsters if one was immune Fixed an issue which could cause Toxic Orb / Flame Orb damage to not apply correctly during end of turn damage application Sacred Fire☆ now applies Field of Fire forever Fixed an issue where, when Ho-Oh's phase changed to phase 2, pending boss statdown reversals / status ailment reversals would still occur Fixed an issue where, in Johto, the Cut HM could be used without its HM item being unlocked Fixed an issue where the Golduck Alpha Swarm in Village Bridge could not have its secondary spawns interacted with Fixed an issue where some moves (e.g. Future Sight) could violate boss damage limits Fixed the Larvitar species line not showing up in the Alpha Dex Fixed an issue where Daycare EXP accumulated in Johto would not be applied The Red Gyarados in the Johto storyline now plays its shiny particle Knockoff no longer removes items when the target has a Substitute before using the move Fixed the warp coordinates for Johto's Safari Zone Swamp location during entrance Purification no longer bypasses Substitute Lures can no longer boost Rock Smash encounter sizes AI is now aware of Damp Eggs can no longer be registered to Battle Boxes Fixed the breeding brace shop's item list ordering to match stat display ordering Fixed Metal Burst's damage multiplier (1.5x) Fixed an issue where multi-form monsters (e.g. Unown) would not show the correct form when used as a follower Fixed an issue where, when capturing an overworld legendary (Mewtwo/etc.) with a full party & PC, the encounter could get stuck Fixed an issue where bike skin hotkeys (e.g. Xmas Sleigh) wouldn't enable the bike Fixed an issue where Encore wouldn't show the correct move restrictions in the battle UI until a player relogged while in-battle Fixed an invisible wall found in Johto's Route 47 Fixed an issue where, if a wild monster stole an item from a player then Flung it, the item could be permanently destroyed Fixed an issue where Johto's Gym Leader money rates were lower than other regions' Bug Fixes (Client) Fixed a crash which could occur when feeding EXP Candy to Lvl 100 monsters Fixed a crash which could occur in the PC menu when attempting to release multiple eggs Fixed a crash which could occur when activating multiple hotkeys in the PC menu Fixed a crash which could occur when navigating the PC UI with a controller Desktop UI: Fixed the Bag button's subtext string during battle Desktop UI: Fixed an issue where, when rebound to an alternate key, the B key would close the current Advanced Search tab in the PC when typing Mobile UI: Move selection UI when interacting with NPCs (e.g. Move Deleters) is now less ugly Mobile UI: Fixed an issue where right click menus would cover party UI elements if party / hotkey widget positions were swapped Android: Fixed an issue where Samsung keyboards would auto-correct the password field on logging in Desktop: The controller backend has been updated, improving performance and fixing various compatibility issues with many controllers This includes Xbox / Switch Pro controllers on macOS Known issues: A compatibility issue with Switch Pro controllers has been noted for Windows when plugged in via USB which caused the game client to lag significantly. Where possible, we recommend using a Bluetooth connection for this platform instead For more information related to controller compatibility, consult SDL documentation for versions 2.28.0~2.28.4 Mobile: Fixed an issue where, if a player was under the A/B onscreen buttons while pressing them, it could popup the player selection menu Fixed an issue where the Voltorb Flip reward screen could be deselected Fixed an issue where players could not crush stacks of berries greater than 128 Fixed Johto's Elite 4 level scaling in the Instance Info widget Locked instances are no longer shown in the Instance Info widget Fixed an issue where Unova's Dex entries would reference the Old Rod Fixed an issue where, when spectating a Ho-Oh boss battle, the wrong music track could be played Roaming Legendary capture status is now shown in the Dex Fixed Suicune's Dex spawn locations Fixed an issue where the Forfeit button could disappear in PvP matches when cancelling a queued action Fixed an issue where, when selling items to a Mart, sell buttons (Max) could select a wrong number of items to sell Fixed an issue where the Voltorb Flip dialogue would not interact correctly with disconnection / notification dialogues Fixed an issue where, when calling additional foes, bosses would not always display the correct name when showing <Foe called for help!> Fixed an issue where, when an NPC used an item in-battle, the items remaining count for the player would be updated to an incorrect value Fixed the music used when fighting against a player with Lugia Fixed an issue where, when evolving a monster in-battle and being prompted to learn new moves, the monster's sprite and name wouldn't update to its newly evolved form Fixed an issue where, when challenging another player in Matchmaking, the opponent's sprite shown during the battle intro would not render correctly compared to the Trainer Card's sprite Particle icons are no longer shown for Eggs Fixed an issue where dragging monsters from the party to a non-open PC Box wouldn't work Fixed an issue where Rock Smash could not be called via the monster frame's clickable buttons in Unova & Johto Fixed an issue where battle animations could be incorrectly halted by UI animations Fixed an issue where Johto's Safari would not render strings correctly without FireRed installed Fixed more issues where tooltips / certain UI elements could render text out of bounds when UI scaling was set to >1 & High DPI fonts were enabled Fixed an issue where X/Y keys would become unbound on client restart Fixed an issue where the Auction UI would pretend you could drop monsters from your party / PC into auction listings The EXP. Reamplifier now shows its XP breakdown in battle chat Fixed a rendering issue in Unova where mart counters wouldn't render correctly Fixed an issue where, when consuming the final item of a stack of items in PvP and attempting to replace one, a ghost item would be shown as equipped to a monster Weather Ball now responds correctly to battle weather in the battle UI Fixed various shadow rendering issues seen in certain models, such as the Driftveil Gym building Fixed an issue where Sinnoh's Solaceon Ruins would be rendered too brightly Fixed flower tiles in Eterna Forest not rendering correct colors Changes Players can only purchase one EXP Reamplifier per character Added a confirmation when purchasing really large stacks of items (>99) Rock Smash is no longer available as a TM Players who had this item in their inventory during this server maintenance will have it removed & their item refunded Spooky Candy & Special Candy from previous years has been removed. Players with removed items have been refunded
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