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[Story] [Adventure] The Journey of the Rose


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Chapter 1


I start my journey in cerulean with my ivysaur named Ivy, we easily sweeped through Misty's gym and earned our second gym badge together.


From there I journeyed north and caught a male bellsprout who I named Chloro, and yes I know I am terrible at naming my pokemon. After catching my second grass type we went south towards Vermillon city to work on earning our third badge.


First task was to complete the S.S. Anne and a major block was my rival. In our first battle he defeated my ivysaur with his charmeleon as my ivysaur missed my take down and the bellsprout was easily taken down after. The next fight did go my way as I landed both take downs on Gary's charmeleon and from there beat the rest of his team. After this fight my Ivysaur evolved into Venusaur!


Next was the Vermillon City gym, I started by beating every trainer in the gym for exp. before working on the gym trap.


1st switch I found, the second search reset.

2nd switch I found, the second search reset.

3rd switch I found, the second search reset.

4th switch I found, the second search reset.

(end my suffering please)

5th switch I found, The second search unlocked.


Onto the battle with the gym leader! It started out terribly as my bellsprout was taken out and Venusaur was paralyzed and confused when Lt. Surge still had two pokemon yet. My venusaur emerged victorious, however, with only one turn of being paralyzed and we obtained our third gym badge.

Chapter 2


From Vermillon City Ivy, Chloro, and I went north to cerulean before journeying east beating multiple hikers and campers.


We arrived at Rock Tunnel and geared up for the journey ahead. The tunnel went well at first as I took down multiple trainers, but I ran out of potions and Venusaur had dangerously low health. Finally, he was taken down by a hiker and my bellsprout saved the day beating the hiker. I was almost through the tunnel but I had a half health Bellsprout as my last pokemon.


There was still one trainer left, a camper who blocked the exit of rock tunnel, as she spotted me I thought all was lost, but in a stroke of luck almost from God himself an onix appeared and blocked the girl from battling me allowing me to run away and arrive to lavender town.


I then healed up in Lavender Town before heading to Celadon city beating trainers along the way to level up my pokemon my bellsprout evolved into weepinbell.


We arrived in Celadon city and immediately headed to face the gym leader who proved too strong for us to beat the first match as her tangela luckily gained 2 stat boosts while I used potions and spammed synthesis making me run out of double-edge pp on my Venusaur. The second match went much better though, and we earned our 4th gym badge


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