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kpop ~ Everyone is welcome . we host monthly events. As well as daily charms for members '☆ ~(^▽^~)
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  2. KPOP SAFARI WEEK Find any safari shiny from now until June 29th (based on your time) How to participate All entries must be submitted in #safari-week-clips Submissions must be sent in video format Rewards Fled shiny - 100 RP Caught shiny - 500 RP Secret shiny (captured) - 1000 RP (Additional 500 RP if encountered while in KPOP VC) This event is open to anyone in the KPOP discord We will create a video including everyones clips KPOP DISCORD SERVER KPOP YOUTUBE Event funded by KPOPbank & @moonloverhalen Good luck shunting 💖

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