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kpop ~ Everyone is welcome . we host monthly events. As well as daily charms for members '☆ ~(^▽^~)

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  2. Buddha's Bakery Get your BREAD up! IGN: Buddhaiicious May I take your order?
  3. Zodiac Cat Master IGN: Chimaloo ~Hunting rats in the city with my sleepy and hungry kittens~
  4. Doing God's work by cleaning the place after Sandstorm with my washing machine 😛 IGN: RZCxBlaze
  5. After a snowy trek through route 217 and exploring Lake Acuity... ❄️🥶 My trusty old partner took a photo to commemorate!
  6. 🌑🖤Doom and gloom on the inside🖤🌑 🎀🩷Pretty and pink on the outside🩷🎀 IGN: RuinsOfELF
  7. Walking through the streets of Ecruteak City During the lunar new year event, I put on my favorite outfit and went out to visit places that during these dates are at their maximum splendor. They say that this city is totally transformed during this date, and it is also filled with tourists (it was difficult to take that photo without someone showing up). And it's true this city fills up during this event, but it gives it an iconic and even nostalgic touch.
  8. 🍦 ICE CREAM 🍦 🏥 NURSE 🏥 (peep @Buddhalicious's crib) ign: tunacore
  9. 🩷The Blossom Of Memories🩷 Happy valentine day all IGN: kniLwodahS
  10. -KPOP Valentine's Day Event- 3v3 Randoms tourney Happy Valentine's day everyone! Remember to always show love to your friends and family, but more importantly always show love to yourself 💗 Date & Time February 14th, 2024 9:00 AM CST - 10:00 AM EST 20:30 India - 17:00 France - 11:00 AM Venezuela Location halenxo's secret base Tall Tree east of Mauville, route 118 Surf pokemon required (+1 repel optional) Rules This event is open to kpop's friends and family Top 3 winners will receive prizes Items are allowed to be used The tier will randoms tier in a bracket style tourney First stage evolution pokemon only Prizes 1st place: 500k pokeyen 2nd place: 250k pokeyen 3rd place 100k pokeyen How to sign up be online anytime before the event starts we'll send a team message to see who wants to join :3 good luck to all participants ❤️

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