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Come drink Lemonade with us and join a fun friendly and competitive team slowly emerging onto the scene.
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  2. hannahtaylor Interloping Nathan Soulsilverblue SwaggyHarpy Viannet RNGTIME Purpleturkleton Darkenswiftx Bzuuggoo HumongousNoodle Grzo PeanutKaas Pawleys Crimzoon KoleNMaster yoitsnotbee chrissk cccx / cheese Furnacemen TyrantC Kenjin_Ace MysticNick drummaplumba TaschenMannAMK Franklinda DriAnico MadCatZZ EldenSoul treekid GrimmlyGrim Rorinoo Naaadez Earthless Nercylla xPRETTYPINKPONYx
  3. PRIZES HAVE BEEN DRAWN! They are as follows: Turtle Gi- @ThatFknGemini 1 breed worth 620k plus 1 pokemon EV training from Quackin' Eggs - @SupaFlyNinjaGuy 10 amulet coins - @PhoenixNoah Motorcycle- @LaFloudy Red Xmas Present Hat and Costume- @Raichuforyou Pink Xmas Present Hat and Costume- @thenathanfred Green Xmas Present Hat and Costume- @Xanthem PokeMMO Cap (orange) and Trainer Jacket (orange)- @chrissk Competitive TM set (Bulk Up, Roost, Calm Mind, Trick Room, Taunt, Rock Tomb, U-Turn, Shadow Ball, Dragon Claw and Sludge Bomb)- @Interloping 100 Premier Balls- @HumongousNoodle 500 leppas and 1 shiny charm- @jappy80 1m- @SpookyAcerola Fishing Cap and Outfit- @Bzuuggoo 5 free EV training and level 50 (510 EVs and level 50, can substitute for LC EVing if wanted) from Quackin' Eggs - @SwaggyHarpy 50 Dream Balls and Boxing Gloves- @Kivikalikka
  4. Forgot SpookyAcerola messaged me to enter! This is what happens when I can't mark messages unread >.> They have also entered! (Was a couple of weeks ago, me and my brain 😭)
  5. sorry if im already too late but anywayyy, IGN: Floudy 🙂🙂
  6. The bestea'st duck always taking care of us! 💖 soign me up pls! & ty! IGN: SupaHero

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