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Come drink Lemonade with us and join a fun friendly and competitive team slowly emerging onto the scene.

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  2. Eevee, Gible, Paras and Lunatone random egg hatches (from breeding service orders) Caught on alt: Banished to shadow realm
  3. Hi!!! My name is Christina and I just started the game. I just finished my 5th gym and was wondering if I could join. Can't wait to meet new people and have fun. Let me know!!! My user is CutieChristina/christina09988
  4. That is Greg, he looks exactly like me
  5. A very nice Snorlax. And who's the guy on the right? 😂
  6. Hi!!!!! I'm super new to the game but not to Pokemon as a whole! Hopefully you'll bare with me till I get farther along! I promise I'll be as active as possible and bring fun to our team! I'm in uni right now so that might be fluctuating, but you can bet your bottom dollar I'll do my best! I can't wait to get to know everyone and have tons of fun! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! 🙂
  7. Out of all the things I've ever wanted to be when I grew up, a lemon was definitely one of the top choices! Hi! I'm SpookyAcerola in game, you can just call me Ace. I don't know if this is too early to join a team (I've only cleared Hoenn) but I'd love to be part of a fun and active crew! And you guys seem fun and silly and chill and I'd love to make friends with you! I just started a new main account (this one!) so I could do all the regions with only ghost type pokemon, and while I might technically be new to PokeMMO, I'm not new to Pokemon itself. So if you guys will have me, I promise I'll be active and super fun! As for postgame, I plan on diving straight into doubles since I've been a VGC player for 3 generations, as well as shiny hunting some baby ghosts. But goal #1 is to get myself rich by Halloween or buy myself some spoopy cosmetics asap. Let me know if you'd like me around? :3 I have discord too!
  8. We have an eye ball, purple ice cream, a bunny and a snake!
  9. Come and have a chit chat 🙂
  10. Come and share your LEM screenshots 🙂
  11. Hello there. The names Peterrix Loaferix but the friends call me PeteLoaf. Just looking for a Team to chill while I cruise through the story then focus on breeding and training Slakings.
  12. Thank you to everyone who entered! Without further ado, the results are: Prizes (listed in no particular order) 1x field pokemon with zombie grip particle @xINCURSIO 1x field pokemon with scythe particle @ZacC 1x flying pokemon with spider's web particle @Argorok2017 1x fishermans cap and outfit @PhoenixNoah 1x lucky egg @LaFloudy 1m @Gurbb 1m @Purpleturkleton 2x riches charm (75%) and 2x exp charm (50%) @ChapFish 1 breed worth up to 650k from Quackin' Eggs Breed Shop @iapapa 1x pumpking's delight particle effect @rngtime 3x 99 pokeballs @Xanthem 1x 99 luxury balls @Raichuforyou 1x 99 premier balls @Kivikalikka 1x lollipop @HumongousNoodle 2x 99 leppas and 1x shiny charm @MastaBalla 3 amulet coins @Ozey Prizes will be in your mailbox in the next 24 hours!
  13. IGN: Viannet - joins in last minute to steal the show!
  14. IGN - MastaBaIIa The "l"s are uppercase "i"s. So MastaBaiia

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