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  1. IGN: xWhinkz Tiers: OU / Dubs / UU / NU Discord: xWhinkZ#3290
  2. Munya's Mienfoos Vs Rare Rayquazas OU1: Havsha vs xWhinkz 300k OU2: cjmystogan vs InuYashaL 100k OU3: PedroLindoUnico vs DarkQuiler 200k Doubles: EEdays vs Zigh 100k The Legends Never Die Vs Luxurious Luxrays Doubles: YJos vs Gasyflour 100k SWSHLC: ElCoolio vs urquidi 200k @Sebat Overheat Charmanders Vs Tenacious Taillows OU1: 500k YEYOxD vs QuinnW OU2: 100k WarwitoX vs Gabuchox
  3. IGN: xWhinkz Tier: All Discord: ✬【Ɯђ?ηĸℤ】✬#3290
  4. IGN: xWhinkz Country: Colombia Tiers: OU, UU, NU, DUBS, LC (Prefer Dubs, LC)
  5. [VGC] Vermillion Golden Champions Vs [LØRÐ] The Lords Of The Hax Dubs: xWhinkz vs DaRkCeGen 20 Minutes
  6. [Lo] Romantic Vs [VGC] Vermilion Golden Champions LC: Queest vs YEYOxD 10 minutes
  7. VGC vs RmW xWhinkz vs einarcamilo (sub busso) 10 minutes
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