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  1. We all agree that the Halloween event we look forward to all year ended up being a disappointment. What is the point of easily getting special candies if the king has an epic difficulty? That only got many selling and few buying, so the prices collapsed. The staff noticed this and had the wonderful idea of nerfing the special candies by making them appear every 40 minutes, not only that they increase the difficulty to the king ... they only made new players earn less money searching for candies and experienced players They get frustrated devising strategies and the staff make fun of increasing difficulty. In this event, new players could not earn enough money to be competitive and so the pvp is more populated, only those who have enough money to buy many limited vanities benefited. Hopefully listen to your community at least once. sorry for my bad english
  2. they will only make people frustrated trying to make good money at the game and stop playing. What is the reason why a new player does not deserve to have a kyu cap? if he farms hard every day for example, that is very selfish and unfair. I will not farm anymore, I will just play pvp and wait for the events to buy the vanitys to resell them in years, that is the kind of players that the staff apparently wants
  3. im not a new player but this is a joke. Every day they makes things more difficult for those who farm. its easy buy a limited vanity in event and wait years to earn a lot of money, some players made millions when the berries were sold at a very good price to the npc and now they just stand in vermillion city and wait for the vanitys to go up in price. the other players farm gyms or items for hours to earn pennies and get competitive teams. It is unfair that the injured are the ones who spend the most hours playing.
  4. "Hordes now carry less items and Pickup occurs much less frequently vs Hordes" this must be a joke. How much will the amulet coin cost after this?. Please stop making things go up in price.
  5. There is a lot of offer and little demand at this time, it will rise even more with the passing of the days :(
  6. more benefits for rich players who only buy vanities in quantities during events and then sell them when their price rises. For players who challenge gyms and npc to earn a paltry pennies there is nothing but punishments in each update. The amulet coin will increase in price and will also be more difficult to obtain, that is hit to the face of the one who spends hours farming gyms
  7. it´s tedious and wastes valious time especially in snowpoint city. Putting shortcuts in some gyms like they did in unova would make it easier for players to farm gyms. Sorry for my bad english. long live to [Pâst]
  8. Vanity items are now color coded depending on their rarity: Mart Items (Commons, Grey) PvP Items (Black) Gift Shop Items (Green) Seasonal Items (Blue) Event Items (Red) Limited Items (Gold) Where applicable, Mart prices are now shown for vanity items Players may no longer charge excessive prices for mart items on the GTL what means this? the limited vanities will have maximum prices to put on gtl?
  9. i don't know if i´m wrong but the players will not be able to choose the price for they vanities to sell on gtl, this is a tragedy!. sorry for my bad english
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