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  1. Hello @Darkshade I don't know if this is supposed to be posted here but i found a vanity with a bugged frame. It's "Iron Hero Costume" for the Top section slot. https://i.gyazo.com/81c3c336ab8a84e66cdb0db6032a60f4.mp4
  2. BATTLE ENCOUNTERS SCREENSHOTS I'm missing some screenshots but here are the ones that I have and I will upload the coming ones
  3. Competitive Shinies Kingdra breeding steps
  4. Welcome to Urii's Shiny Showcase. All shinies posted here are OT. Total OTs: 29 My Shinies Friends OTs - From @jonulo - From @Amnesys Event Shinies Click on the sprite to see the event post Current Hunts - Phase 2 Side Hunts - Phase 2 - Soon™ - Breeding some eggs every now and then
  5. CHEAPEST LUCKIEST SHINY BREED EVER 1st BREED i secured sp.atk and speed and i highrolled hp. So i got 31 hp, X atk, 31 def, 31 sp.atk, X sp.def and 31 speed. 2ND BREED i secured sp.atk and sp.def and i highrolled def and rolled modest nature so i got modest 5x31. FINAL RESULT Note: I paid 7.9m for each breed. MY REACTION
  6. 25th & 26th OT Fail bagon or beldum but at least secret shiny i guess... 1 month between both shinies
  7. replace the "," with another ";" or you can add " << endl;" if you want a line break.
  8. You forgot ";" at the end of "return 0" line 😛
  9. IGN: UriiGG Country: Spain Discord: Urii#7114 Tiers: all Fluff: Merry christmas and happy new year
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