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  1. Trainer Card as of 4/12/2024 heres clips of every single shiny ive caught: https://www.twitch.tv/collections/FfRIpGSeshZKVA
  2. to change the dropplets to a color of your liking, just google "color hex codes" and then here is the exact lines in the .xml file named "gfx.xml" in the theme folder for whichever theme youre using. you can use either note pad or note pad++ i personally use notepad++
  3. if anyone wants to change the dropplets to a color of your liking, just google "color hex codes" and then here is the exact lines in the .xml file named "gfx.xml" in thetheme folder for whichever theme youre using. and heres the lines that have the droplet color you can change. you can use either note pad or note pad++ i personally use notepad++
  4. yes there is. check out my guide i have the xml file you need that changes the color of the droplets
  5. yea its not complex dont think about it too hard, youd just plant more cheri and rawst and pecha is all. just whatever u need more of, but def more cheri for sure. like id probably do cheri on one, then cheri in mistralton, and rawst&pecha in abundant then on the other id do rawst in mistralton and pecha in abundant, something like that? just prefernce really, there is no wrong way to do it as long as you get the seeds you need.
  6. this is very true. if youre ONLY trying to make money, i think growing cheris with 3 plain spicy and selling all the verys is probably the most profitable way to farm, i think. i do leppas because im a shiny hunter and i need leppas and my team needs leppas, and i make decent money on the side doing it. if youre only trying to make money and you dont care about leppas, i think cheris are the way to go. but again i dont do leppas for the money i do it to shunt and sell my team cheap leppas and kinda make some money. but yes my guide is the VERY minimum you can do to survive doing leppas to self sustain.
  7. you can actually go into the .xml file and change the water dropplet color which ive already done. check out my guide to if u wanna get get the .xml file that does this. if u have anymore questions on how to do this yourself i can show you.
  8. aye not a bad guide on the cost, in my guide i never really dove too deep into this part. good job! i only have 3 character all of unova and the 2nd acc i only have mistralton but i plan on getting those 3 to abundant soon. really really dig the depth of the price and profit breakdown and youre basically right on point. but if anyone wants an indepth guide on how to go about this leppa farm: but this price break down that Watermeloans did is absolutely on point which i did not go into depth about so very well done, Watermeloans im going to post this link in my guide if anyone would like this price break down. i love it.
  9. Para todas las bayas, cuando estén completas, tienes 7 horas para recogerlas antes de perder rendimiento. No esperes un poco más o perderás rendimiento. No se preocupe si ve sus bayas en rojo cuando tenga que regarlas. No perderá rendimiento durante un tiempo en rojo. Si el servidor de PokeMMO se desconecta, el servidor regará todas las bayas hasta obtener 5 gotas completas tan pronto como el servidor esté en línea.
  10. thanks man i got into farming early on and noticed there wasnt a guide specifically for leppas so i made this one, and ive been updating it for a while and i feel its finally perfect im pretty proud of it 😄 and about the very spicy, you might have to buy very little seeds the first plant but after you start planting cheris when you do the leppa day you start saving up lots of them so yea not sure why ppl get confused about it either
  11. this is what my seeds look like after doing day 1 planting and then day 2 leppas, then this is the rotation back to day 1. so this is what your seeds will look like once you get passed the initial couple harvest. it works great and i havent had to buy anymore seeds after those first days of harvesting. if done right your seeds should look like this too 😄 happy farming yall. if yall have anymore questions feel free to ask
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