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  1. For me it doesnt working. I make everything right. The Black Window opens and the counter is there but doesnt count anything. My Rom Language is German. UI Skaling is 1.0. Theme is the same as in the Video. I changed the Theme for Tests too. I using the HD Mod but tried it without that mod too. I change my window to borderless. The Debug Files are empty. Nothing works. What can i do?
  2. Hey Hey Hey ? My Name is Elanaa or IRL Kevin ? ? Im 27 Years and from Germany. Since im 8 Years old i played a lot of Pokemon (starting with Pokemon Yellow. Then i play the other Games from Gen1, Gen 2, Emerald and Platin). I found this Game and i get a little bit addicted. Im chilling at Ch.2 (ENG) everyday and try to help new People ? Atm im working for an PvP Team. Hope we see us ingame. Thanks to all the People who answer me some Questions and thanks for the helpfull Forum (Breeding, Berries & Mods) Have Fun @all ?
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