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  4. CaptainGrey will be the host for this lovely event, it's been a damn pleasure everyone.
  5. 1m on NoMercy defeating The Raging Lions, any takers?
  6. Idk, it would be cool for someone to make them for us though.
  7. I asked Grey about this and we both agreed on if a player is qualified for the final, they are not allowed to play in any future qualifiers. This gives other players that aren't qualified a chance to also get an invite.
  8. CaptainGrey and myself agreed on the following prizes for the final. 1st Place: Shiny Lotad + Shiny Cloyster + Shiny Hoppip 2nd Place: Shiny Sandslash + Shiny Gyardos 3rd Place: Shiny Marowak + Shiny Slugma We aren't rich, so we would love any donations. Your donations will be used as prizes for the qualifiers. Obviously this tournament is going to last for the whole year, so expect a prize bump over time. I would like to wish everyone the best of luck, let's make this a wonderful year.
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