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  1. Check discord someone refered the wall there.
  2. Its a fuking pokemon game Anyway can i still get in this??
  3. 5 mil primeapes to finals anyone??
  4. Bro wtf this pressure...... Why u put so much pressure on Heichis team?
  5. GB no simp bro. Imagine waiting for ur date.......
  6. Nah ur not. Can he also highlight loewst vs highest. Most loses vs most wins Etc
  7. Think most of the schedules happened thro in game mails or discord bro. forum scheduling is old skool. So you can't measure the lazyness cuz of it.
  8. I agree, Also since ever the automated tourneys got implemented new players ever then never made a forum acc. And now there is lot of good players that love to play without a forum acc and have no idea of it anyway. third person or in game sign up or whatever. Aslong the host can confirm the player that got signed up is real and knows what PSL is about and did it to be part of it is most important. The forums can be used to keep track of the signed up players and that shouldnt be an obstacle for those that wanna sign up thro a friend or staff member or who ever they asked for.
  9. come on man lemme play bro. U can check my managers list submitted to GB if there is anything of conflict of interest. BTW we small council man not big council. Don't think we can do much to steer shit our way. I can be a good council member and a PSL winner without any weird controversial shit gonna happen trust me.
  10. Rejected. Go to Qatar lot of manager spots open there. No chane here for u.
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