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  1. i can not thank you enough for this.
  2. do u know how happy i am right now? thank u so much! also, @nurver9, i ask for permission to use that dark mode speech bubbles if that's okay with u?
  3. yes, please do. i'd be very grateful ok, i'll try it asap!
  4. @nurver9 actually could u please try installing that theme and do something? maybe some other xml files need tweaking.. i know i'm a bit of an asswipe here to ask u this when u urself are an author of a theme, but please would u help me out. exemplar is too dark mode for me, as i work or play in properly sunlit environments
  5. still no change :) actually that entire message box line was missing from the theme's fonts xml, so i added in the default font xml line in the place. so that the size becomes default. but to no avail. changing it to 48 also didn't change anything :( thank u for help tho
  6. absolutely not. this font thing only happens when i apply THIS mod.
  7. i would be super glad if u would share download files :) after making it look like that redesign concept of course
  8. please do not forget me :) i'll be very grateful
  9. i was unable to attach .xml file so i copy pasted :) thanks again for assisting me
  10. this is the most beautiful theme for me. thank u so much! but please can u help me make the normal npc speech bubble text size to default size? this is the most beautiful theme for me. but please can u help me in making NPC speech bubbles text size back to default ? it is too small for me in current state
  11. hi! can u please help me again. i did ADD the messagebox line 88 font size to the theme i'm using from default theme's xml, but despite restarting and reapplying, i still get very small font size of 12. i use ornate olive/raging red/surreal sapphire. this one. could u pls help me out
  12. whoa exemplar is sooo good looking! i'll try installing it now :)
  13. thank u so much nurver9 and budadeth! i'm so glad for such quick resolving
  14. hey man! i'd really appreciate the guide as well. altho u can help me in a waaay faster method still, i only want to know which line to edit for text size of speech bubbles of NPCs. pls help! whenever i apply any theme, the speech text decreases to ui size, unlike large text in vanilla version
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