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  1. Great guide! I think there is a mistake in your mantine damage calculations. I caught these 4 that all survived a hyper voice from a Lv. 100 teddiursa with maxed out special attack and choice specs. I going to use a different pokemon to handle mantine hordes. I can only 1 hit KO about 2/3 of the hordes. I don't think any other pokemon with pickup can hit any harder.
  2. Does Covet still steal the item if you KO the pokemon? Only thief was mentioned in the change notes when they changed that.
  3. In Pokemmo, there are only a few ways to boost battle payouts. All these boost items last for 1 hour of logged on time and can not stack. Therefore, the biggest boost you can have is 200%. Donators status does not boost payouts. Pay day can not be boosted. Here are all the possible ways to boost payouts with the approximate GTL value of the boost items as of June 2022. Market Prices Cost Payout Multiplier Notes Riches Charm Link (+10%) $0 1.1 (110%) Boost received when linked with a player using Riches Charm (+75%) or Riches Charm (+100%) Amulet Coin $14,500 1.5 (150%) Can be farmed or bought off GTL Riches Charm (+75%) $55,000 1.75 (175%) Only obtainable from events, but can be bought off GTL. Also boost linked players' earnings by 10% Riches Charm (+100%) $125,000 2 (200%) Only obtainable from events, but can be bought off GTL. Also boost linked players' earnings by 10% Since these items are worth money themselves, they only make sense to use if you make more bonus money in the 1 hour boost than the item is worth. In addition, certain boost items will make more net profit than other boost items at a certain threshold. I made a spreadsheet that calculates which boost item is best for maximizing profit. Since gym rebattles are such a popular way to make money, I also converted the "Gross Unboosted Payouts/hr" into "Gyms/hr" using the average gym payout of $8963/gym. Using the current GTL prices and gym payouts, here is the TLDR: Max Profits Gyms/hr Gross Unboosted Payouts/hr Best to Use No Boosts 1 - 3 $1 - $29,000 Best to Use Amulet Coin 4 - 18 $30,000 - $162,000 Best to Use Riches Charm (+75%) 19 - 31 $163,000 - $280,000 Best to Use Riches Charm (+100%) 32 - ∞ $281,000 - ∞ Currently, the Riches Charm (+100%) is priced so high that you won't be able to realistically make enough money in the hour for it to be better than the Riches Charm (+75%). If the GTL prices or Gym payouts change, you can use the spreadsheet to calculate updated numbers.
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